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Robert Williams

2359 Central Ave. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87042
(505) 409-3290


To obtain a position as a Manager in an important company.


Computer Arts & Technology, Santa Fe, NM
Product Manager

2004 – Present
• Control and supervise the activities in the manufacturing and marketing department.
• Accomplish the production objectives within the budget.
• Develop marketing campaigns and market strategies.
• Carry out surveys to determinate people’s preferences.
• Write reports and present them to executives.

Centflor Manufacturing, Santa Fe, NM
Sales Representative

1997 – 2003
• Direct the team of sales representative.
• Hold meetings with possible clients and suppliers.
• Report the advance to chief executives.
• Develop promotional materials and marketing campaigns.


Master of Business Administration
Concentration in Project Management.
University of Phoenix, Santa Fe, NM
Graduated in 2005

Bachelor of Business Administration
Minor in Marketing
New Mexico Highlands University, Santa Fe, NM
Graduated in 1997

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