Account Director CV Example

One of the greatest challenges you may encounter when searching for a job is finding ways to set yourself apart from others in the applicant pool. However, there are resources at your disposal to help you do this. A curriculum vitae is one of them. It serves the same purpose as a resume yet frames your skills and experience in a way that is tailored to the position you are seeking. Included here is an account director CV example you can use when creating your own document, along with some writing guidelines to help in completing it.

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Cassie Collins

1234 High Point Way , Buffalo, New York 11111

E: ccollins@email P: 555-111-2222

Professional Summary

Experienced salesperson looking to progress into the position of account director. 11 years of experience in sales and client relations in both the medical supply and information technology industries. Experience in both introducing clients to new products and providing subscribers with support services. Expert understanding of all levels of customer service, from knowing everything about a product being offered to providing follow-up services after a purchase has been made. Team player who is committed to furthering the interests and influence of a new company.

  • Engaging personality that’s always excited to initiate contact with new parties and to relate current issues and events to products and services.
  • Excellent communicator who always listens first and then works with others to formulate solutions.
  • Strong memory retention, which helps when researching products and services offered as well as remembering important company and client information.
  • Outstanding customer service skills demonstrated by feedback from clients and coworkers.
  • Goal-oriented and driven to succeed.
Work Experience
Sales Lead
March 2012 – Current

  • Serve on the sales team of regional medical supply retailer.
  • Work closely with marketing department to help produce targeted advertising campaigns aimed at generating sales leads.
  • Respond to potential client inquiries by arranging meetings with company executives and resources managers to provide sales presentations.
  • Function as the central point of contact between new clients and internal productions to ensure timely delivery of new products.
  • Accumulate $1.3 million in supply sales to date.

Client Services Coordinator
September 2009 – March 2012

  • Coordinated with sales team to assist in enrolling new clients in data management service.

  • Worked under the direction of an account executive to provide an inventory of new client services to customer support team.

  • Gathered demographic information to create client profiles, and developed service calendar detailing service updates dates and follow-up visits.

  • Contacted existing clients to administer customer satisfaction surveys and provide details on any recently submitted support tickets.

  • Collaborated with three other employees to create a corporate newsletter to be shared with all company clients.

Customer Support Specialist
January 2006 – September 2009

  • Worked in call center fielding inbound service and support calls from clients subscribed to corporate IT provider service.
  • Went through protocols with clients over the phone to address network connectivity issues.
  • Prepared support tickets and scheduled service calls for those clients who needed to have their hardware assessed by technicians.
  • Authored incident reports following service calls, detailing the issues affecting clients and the steps taken to resolve them.
  • Shared insight with public relations team to develop new client service standards based off of incident frequency.

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Drexel University – The College of Arts and Sciences
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Hobbies and Interests

Heavily involved in community scholarship pageant programs, serving as director of several local events every year. Fan of the fine arts. Season ticket holder to regional playhouse and ballet company.

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Account Director CV Must-Haves

What Does an Account Director Do?

Account directors typically work within the sales and/or marketing departments of large companies and corporations overseeing all matters related to client relations. They are usually assigned a portfolio of specific clients to work with. They will serve as the central point of contact between these clients and their companies, monitoring the delivery of products and/or services, answering questions as well as arranging support services when needed, and recommending upgrades to subscription services as new products are released. Account directors will also manage the financial aspects of a client’s account, collecting monthly service dues and applying account credits. They also will typically solicit leads from their clients to refer back to their own marketing departments. Having a general understanding of the roles and responsibilities that come with a position allows you to take the structure shown in the account director CV example provided and tailor yours to a particular job.

Tips for Creating a Great Account Director CV

You need to be able to communicate who you are so that hiring managers feels as though they already know you in advance of an interview. Therefore, it’s important to keep the following advice in mind when writing your CV:

-Detail your skills, experience, and educational background but only to the extent that it applies to the job you’re seeking. Limit your listed work history to applicable positions.
-Show a little bit of your personality in your “Hobbies and Interests” section, but do not reveal any practices or beliefs that some may view as controversial.
-Do not exceed more than five bullet points when detailing information.
-Do not include any information regarding salary or benefit expectations as these are points that will be covered during an interview.