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The best way to represent yourself as a qualified candidate who possesses the right core competencies is to clearly articulate this information in a curriculum vitae. This document is like a biography where you can give recruiters your professional background. Using carefully chosen language, informative facts, and proper formatting, your CV can be the winning factor that gives you an advantage over your competition. Here, you will find an adjunct professor CV example to reference in the creation of your own. Additional tips are included to ensure you don’t miss any of the important details as you finalize your content.
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Rhonda Ramsey

789 E State Road , Phoenix, AZ 11111

E: rr@fastmail P: 555-666-7777

Professional Summary

Passionate educator for nearly 15 years with a strong desire to help students recognize the connection between learning and experience. Strong communicator who can clearly and confidently lecture students in a classroom or auditorium setting. Outgoing, energetic, and motivating personality to encourage students to participate in in-class discussions and to help them learn the value of group work. Skilled at using technology to facilitate and enhance learning and able to quickly learn the operation of new software systems. Team player who is committed to contributing to departmental objectives to create an optimal experience for both students and faculty.

  • Clear communicator and confident presenter to effectively instruct students in a way that is concise and understandable.
  • Strong organizational skills to ensure class information including syllabi, assignments, and other documentation is accessible and easy to understand.
  • Committed team player to work successfully with other faculty to establish course guidelines, modify curriculum, and set departmental goals.
  • Patient, reassuring, and enthusiastic when meeting with students to discuss personal progress, answer questions, and assign extra-credit work.
  • Skilled understanding of technology and willing to learn about new software interfaces to enhance the learning experience of students.
Work Experience
Adjunct Professor
2006 – present

  • Instruct two classes of 35 students each for 70 minutes, three times each week
  • Maintain a class syllabus, assignment log, and additional material helps for the students
  • Participate in weekly meetings with faculty to discuss departmental goals and upcoming events
  • Plan lectures, assignments, and in-field experiences to collaborate with necessary course curriculum

Assistant Professor
2004 – 2006

  • Collaborated with faculty staff to establish viable course curriculum and to make needed adjustments

  • Oversaw the posting and grading of well over 20 assignments each for 60 graduate students

  • Presented two lectures each week alongside tenured, experienced colleagues

Teaching Assistant
2000 – 2004

  • Assisted with grading student assignments and answering questions that students had relating to coursework
  • Collaborated with the professor to determine which test questions to include for successful assessment of student knowledge
  • Maintained meeting notes for departmental meetings to discuss course curriculum, pending goals, and upcoming events

Masters of Marketing and Sales Management

University of Arizona
Tucson Arizona
Bachelor of Education

University of Arizona
Tucson Arizona
Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer monthly at a local library where I present a story time for children ages 2-5. I am passionate about reading and baking. A favorite leisure activity is bird watching in the local canyons.

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Adjunct Professor CV Must-Haves

What Does an Adjunct Professor Do?

Adjunct professors play a valuable role in the educational system, and their expertise can contribute greatly to the success of a school. The most successful adjunct professors are ones who embody qualities such as enthusiasm and passion, and skills including organization, effective communication, and technological savvy. In this role, you have to be able to be punctual and dependent for students, a supportive contributor for fellow colleagues, and able to manage a variety of tasks from grading and establishing coursework, to meeting with students one-on-one to answer questions and discuss progress. This complete adjunct professor CV example is a shining demonstration of the types of experience and core competencies you could choose to include in your document.

Tips for Creating a Great Adjunct Professor CV

These tips are helpful for reference as you write, edit, and finalize your curriculum vitae:

– Organization is a must-have skill as an adjunct professor, and your CV is a great place to demonstrate this skill. Be careful to follow formatting requirements to keep things clean and systemized.
– Read in detail the job description for the position you are applying for. The content is filled with keywords, and you can use these throughout your CV to demonstrate your understanding of the position.
– Use metrics throughout your document to give added depth to your previous work tasks. Numbers show the impact you made and give a broader understanding of your responsibility.
– In your Skills section, begin each sentence with an action verb that describes duties of a professor. Some examples include: instructed, managed, enabled, collaborated, provided, and facilitated.
– Always proofread your work for errors in spelling and grammar. Being able to send in a polished document is undoubtedly worth the extra couple of minutes spent rereading your content.


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