Aircraft Mechanic CV Example


Before you apply for a job, make sure your curriculum vita is as strong as possible. This is a vital part of any job application because employers highly value the information found within. Yours should explain your working experiences, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills. One of the best ways to write a CV is to follow an example. Take a look at the following aircraft mechanic CV example and included writing guide. Employers do expect a very specific format for each CV they read, and some employers may not even read a CV if it deviates too much.

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Lauren Beaux

Fox Street , St. Paul, Minnesota 11111

E: P: 555-451-8965

Professional Summary

Reliable aircraft mechanic with extensive machinery experience and knowledge. Master of troubleshooting and eliminating mechanical failures. Over 10 years of mechanical working experience and a history of maintaining and repairing industrial machines. Observant, focused, and perceptive to catch small details that may interfere with safe aircraft performance. Extensive knowledge of safety procedures and capable of operating dangerous machinery. Able to utilize excellent engineering and mechanical knowledge to maintain aircraft machinery.

  • Extensive mechanical knowledge and experience with large aircraft machinery
  • Leadership and management capabilities
  • Excellent communication in and out of the workshop to eliminate all mistakes and maximize efficiency where possible
  • Strong attention to small details and a priority in critical thinking and decision making
  • Mechanical troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair skills
Work Experience
Aircraft Mechanic
2014 to present

  • Perform maintenance and repairs on a daily basis, adhering to company and industry standards.
  • Troubleshoot aircraft machinery to identify potentially dangerous issues.
  • Communicate with other engineers effectively to coordinate and plan solutions.
  • Implement repairs to solve problems and systematically ensure the issue is resolved.
  • Made essential changes to the established safety procedure to improve accident prevention rates by three percent.

Aircraft Technician Assistant
2010 to 2014

  • Assisted technicians and mechanics in all processes.

  • Provided support and aid in retrieving tools or other resources.

  • Moved heavy equipment and positioned or stored them as needed.

  • Provided insight into mechanical issues and helped brainstorm solutions.

  • Gained extensive understanding of aircraft mechanics and operations over the course of nearly five years.

2006 to 2010

  • Evaluated and analyzed car engines and other mechanics for issues.
  • Performed tune ups and basic repairs on a daily basis.
  • Developed mechanical knowledge, communication skills, and workshop processes understanding.
  • Led mechanics in efficiency rating, consistently maintaining position in the top 10 percent of mechanics.

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis MN
FAA Certified Aircraft Mechanic

Hobbies and Interests

In order to stay fit and active, I run every morning and lift weights on the weekends. I also enjoy playing sports and am on a local soccer team. I volunteer my free time with a local charity organization and take part in an annual charity event.

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Aircraft Mechanic CV Must-Haves

What Does an Aircraft Mechanic Do?

Aircraft mechanics are a special kind of mechanic who deal with aircraft machinery specifically. It is vital that these kinds of mechanics have a flawless understanding of the machinery involved in an aircraft, because mistakes in this field do not result in lost profits or time, but could potentially endanger a life. This means employers are only interested in the candidates who exhibit a proven track record of mechanical knowledge. In the case of an aircraft mechanic CV, it is better to focus on doing the work correctly rather than quickly. Use the above aircraft mechanic CV example to see exactly what this may look like. Some other qualities to emphasize include attention to detail, the ability to evaluate and troubleshoot machines, and communication with other mechanics in order to work together to find a solution.

Tips for Creating a Great Aircraft Mechanic CV

Because format is so important, make sure that you are following the standard with these writing tips:
– Do not neglect the appearance of your CV. The content is the most important, but the appearance also says something about you. Watch out for large, intimidating blocks of text or empty gaps.
– Do adhere to the standard CV sections. It is expected that your CV will have a professional summary, list of previous jobs, skills and education sections, and an optional small paragraph detailing personal or hobby interests.
– You can make your CV feel more coherent and connected by emphasizing the same professional qualities in every section. For a job such as aircraft mechanic, technical knowledge and experience with machinery is the most important aspect that you can communicate.
– Include the strongest information in your experience section. Format it with the jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent, and include a strong action verb at the beginning of every bullet point. Besides current positions, this section should be in past tense.