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As you search for creative-type jobs, you still need a traditional way of reaching employers to make your case. You do that through a resume or through its more personalized cousin, the curriculum vitae. As you can see, the artists CV example below differs from a resume in several ways. Most notably, the CV includes a section for hobbies and interests. After the example, you’ll find information on the field of art and read tips about how to write and structure your CV.
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Jessica Lemon

858 East St.,Lemontown, NY 11111

T: 555-092-3453 E:

Professional Summary

Professional assistant brand manager with over five years of experience. Skilled in managing customer impressions and valuation of brand while maximizing profit through assisting in strategic branding initiatives. Successfully collaborated with senior staff to implement in-store brand experiences that customers responded overwhelmingly positively to. Roll out coincided with sales increases of over 15 percent and an invitation to collaborate in a more direct capacity on the next brand initiative. Highly skilled in branding through in-store, online, social media, and promotional platforms.

  • Highly adaptable to demands of any situation
  • Skilled in both collaborative and individual work
  • Exemplary leadership skills
  • Superior written and spoken communications skills
  • Ideal time management abilities
Work Experience
Assistant Brand Manager
May 2016-Present

  • Develop branding experiences in collaboration with senior management for implementation throughout stores.
  • Survey customers and staff to develop ideas for branding campaigns and gauge client impressions of the company’s brand.
  • Assist brand senior managers with daily tasks, including customer engagement, social media posting, and brand development brainstorming.

Brand Consultant
January 2014-May 2016

  • Collaborated with brand managers to carry out tasks associated with company branding, including campaign development and customer reach strategizing.

  • Developed strategies for reaching customers more effectively and improving the experience in stores and online.

  • Implemented diagnostic measures such as surveys and feedback opportunities to gather data on the perception of the brand.

Customer Experience Associate
January 2012-January 2014

  • Worked directly with customers at the store to provide an optimal experience and maintain store reputation.
  • Followed company directives to implement branding initiatives and keep the store in line with the company’s standards.
  • Maintained branding of the store at all times by providing exemplary service and implementing visual branding campaigns and experiences.

Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Retail Merchandising

University School of Management
Master of Science in Fashion and Retail Merchandising

Graduate School of Fashion
Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy a range of hobbies and interests, including fashion photography and blogging. My passion for fashion is one of my favorite past times, in fact, and I often model new styles and take pictures to upload to my style blog. Whenever I can, I collaborate with other fashion enthusiasts and stage photo shoots. I enjoy using my style sensibilities for good by volunteering my time styling prospective job candidates. Because many unemployed people do not have the wardrobe to confidently go on interviews, I work with a charity that provides free clothing and styling to people who are in need.

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Assistant Brand Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does an Assistant Brand Manager Do?

The assistant brand manager is one of the most important figures in managing customers’ experiences and maintaining the core of the company. The job typically entails directing the campaigns and in-store features that define the brand of the company and the impression customers develop of the brand. This position typically works in collaboration with the senior brand manager to solicit feedback from customers and gauge general perceptions of the company. With this data, an assistant brand manager will strategize new approaches to branding through platforms such as social media, store promotions, and customer interaction. You can convey your ability to fulfill these and other duties of the job by writing a standout CV and consulting our assistant brand manager CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great Assistant Brand Manager CV

With the example and the tips contained in this guide, you should have all the resources you need to craft a fantastic CV. These tips are a great addition to the inspiration you have hopefully already gained from the example above:
– Do maintain a clear and sharp focus that carries the objective of your CV throughout its entire text.
– Don’t make it difficult for recruiters and potential employers to identify your qualifications and experience in a quick glance.
– Do sprinkle in strategic keywords that will catch the attention of recruiters and give your CV a boost.
– Don’t focus solely on the duties of your prior experience. You should also highlight your accomplishments and successes.
– Do communicate your enthusiasm for your work through strategic phrasing and a generally positive tone in your CV’s text.


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