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Your curriculum vitae is usually the first thing a hiring manager sees, and it’s often what he or she will use to decide if you warrant a personal interview. Creating a strong and well-written CV is an important first step in the job-seeking process. If you aren’t sure what format to use or how to market yourself in the Professional Summary, Work History, and Skills sections, take a look at our bartender CV example. Once your first draft is complete, fine-tune it to perfection using the CV writing tips included below.

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Heather Johnson

596 Tulip Street, Lakewood, Colorado 11111

E: heather.a.johnson@anymail T: 555-132-5948

Professional Summary

Experienced bartender and mixologist with a passion for creating unique beverages and improving customer’s meals with wine, beer, or cocktail additions. I proactively develop new cocktails to match seasonal menu offerings, which encourages customers to return for future meals. Expert-level knowledge of local microbreweries and distilleries, as well as traditional and niche cocktails. Excellent communications skills allow me to work efficiently with servers as well as interact directly with customers to recommend beverages and answer questions.

  • Thorough understanding of how to match food and drink for a superior culinary experience.
  • Extremely knowledgeable of spirits, liqueurs, and mixed drinks, including historical and traditional cocktail recipes.
  • Comfortable interacting with customers, including recommending beverages and answering questions.
  • Innovative ability to create new cocktail recipes and modify traditional drinks to improve taste and appearance.
  • Able to work a flexible schedule.
  • Experience training other bartenders to ensure quality standards are consistently met by all team members.
Work Experience
Senior Bartender/Mixologist

  • Oversee all bartending staff, including interviewing potential candidates and training new employees.
  • Organize standard and seasonal beverage selections, including contacting local makers to facilitate supplies and acquire limited edition offerings.
  • Create a new Cocktail of the Month utilizing seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.
  • Interact with customers to take drink orders, prepare selections, and monitor intake to comply with safety policies.
  • Train servers to answer questions about wines, beers, and cocktails, including information about sources and suggested pairings with food.


  • Communicated with customers and waitstaff to verify drink orders, including special requests.

  • Prepared and served beer, wine, cocktails, and other customized drinks.

  • Created specialty cocktails for holidays.

  • Ensured customers ordering alcohol provided the correct identification documents to verify age.

  • Crafted menu inserts and table flyers with interesting facts about historical beverages and spirits.

  • Developed relationships with local microbreweries, resulting in several exclusive beers for seasonal offerings.

Line Cook

  • Worked with other kitchen staff to prepare food efficiently and correctly.
  • Modified standard recipes to accommodate customers’ special requests.
  • Ensured all members on my line followed appropriate steps to maintain safety and sanitation standards.
  • Volunteered to serve as expediter and food runner when necessary during busy hours.

Part-Time Barista

  • Interacted with customers to take orders, answer questions, accept payment, and return change.
  • Made coffee and tea drinks according to each customer’s preferences
  • Promoted to shift manager within 6 months
  • Earned Employee of the Month Award twice

Professional Mixology Course

Professional Bartending Schools of America
Certified Bartender/Mixologist

National Bartenders School
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy studying and experimenting with molecular gastronomy. Maintain a blog about historical cocktails and spirits. Teach mixology course through local cooking school. Enjoy hiking with my dog.

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Bartender CV Must-Haves

What Does a Bartender Do?

A bartender is one of the few food service occupations that includes both interaction with customers and order preparation. The bartender CV example shows how to highlight skills in both areas. Depending on the setup of the bar or restaurant, bartenders may also support waitstaff by mixing drinks and delivering them to customers’ tables when needed. You could be responsible for accepting payment and making change, as well as verifying identification to ensure customers meet legal age requirements for alcohol consumption. You should have a good understanding of food and beverage pairings to make suggestions to customers, and some positions may require you to create specialty drinks for specific occasions. Being a bartender requires excellent customer service skills and a thorough understanding food service principles, so you should include both in your CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Bartender CV

While you’re perfecting your bartender CV, follow these tips for solid, persuasive writing:

– Use your Professional Summary to highlight your career successes, especially as they relate to the job requirements listed. Strike a balance between your customer service skills, food knowledge, and creativity.
– Make sure your CV is easy to read by using a standard font no smaller than 10 pt. It’s also a good idea to convert your CV to a PDF document and check that page breaks don’t leave single lines of text at the top or bottom of the page.
– Start each bullet in the Work History section with a strong, specific action word. Rather than simply listing your job duties, try to show examples of exceptional performance, such as inventing new drinks, creating an efficient system for serving customers, or receiving professional awards.
– Add some personality to your CV by mentioning your hobbies, interests, and volunteer work. Don’t include anything that could be considered controversial, such as political or religious information.