Commodity Trader CV Example


You can grab the attention of a potential employer with a CV that is informative and well-written. Before you submit your CV for consideration, you should begin by reviewing this commodity trader CV example. It will help you better understand what information to include and what format to follow for a professional CV that helps separate you from the crowd of other candidates. You can focus on presenting your experience with confidence while avoiding any common errors that recruiters notice.

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Francis Mackleberg

2985 Western Way, Villaville, Illinois 11111

E: P: 555-333-5005

Professional Summary

Passionate commodity trader with ten years of experience seeking new position with respected finance firm to build upon skills and take them to the next level. Have worked in all aspects of commodity trading, from office setting to market floor. Led team of interns for mentoring program through international firm to explain and illustrate commodity trading in action. Expert in identifying and capitalizing on market trends for the benefit of customers. Currently possess valid licensing and certification for commodity trading in the Midwest region.

  • -Equally comfortable in high-pressure exchange and professional office settings -Advanced judgement and decision-making abilities -Confidence in international trade, trend predicting, and market utilization knowledge -Excellent written and oral communication skills -Adaptable to volatile and stressful situations with sharp focus -Problem-solving and critical thinking skills -Proficiency in financial software systems as well as office products for report preparation and database creation -Exemplary time management -Able to work independently and as part of team in leadership or assisting roles -Customer service and interpersonal relationship talents
Work Experience
Lead Commodity Trader
January 2014-present

Nevus Global

  • Buy and sell orders based on client instruction as representative of trading department for international finance and capitalization firm.
  • Provide communication and advice on market trends to advise clients on portfolio growth.
  • Track market demand, movements, and relevant news reports to determine trade risk.
  • Work in high-pressure environment to negotiate exchanges with fellow commodity traders.
  • Lead mentoring program for summer and semester internship program in conjunction with local college affiliation.
  • Consistently meet target goals for performance growth and trending strategies.
  • Maintain regular communication with high-profile clients to monitor investments and determine risk.

Commodity Trader Oracle Financial Group
March 2010-December 2013

  • Analyzed market-driven forces to determine potential growth and expansion.

  • Boosted sales globally over 11 percent through market tracking, research, and estimation modules.

  • Trained and supervised commodity traders in team setting for research and development as well as goal setting.

  • Maintained company policies in conjunction with government regulatory standards for transparency.

  • Coordinated import and export trade deals through marketing and sales departments for capital growth.

Commodity Trader/Buyer,
April 2006-February 2010

Junction Marketing

  • Identified new business opportunities for venture capital and marketing directors.
  • Performed research to assist senior traders for commodity exchange.
  • Assisted with internal audit preparation for quality and logistical assurance.
  • Generated reports of sales growth, trade, and progress on monthly and quarterly basis.

Master of Business Administration

Indiana State University
Terra Haute Indiana
Bachelor of Science in Finance

University of Illinois
Joliet Illinois
Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer through Education District 1 in Cook County to teach high school students personal finance and investing. I also enjoy hiking and mountain biking in my free time.

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Commodity Trader CV Must-Haves

What Does a Commodity Trader Do?

A commodity trader works independently or with a firm on behalf of clients or companies to buy and sell different goods in an exchange market. This job typically demands the ability to stay focused in order to make sound financial decisions in an often stressful work environment. Traders may engage in trade of tangible goods or materials, or they may be involved with transactions based on assets, shares, equities, and other financial products. Commodity traders should have a strong background in finance or investment management and analysis. You should make sure you emphasize your trading skills and responsibilities, as outlined in this commodity trader CV example, when you compose your own CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Commodity Trader CV

You may want to utilize these ideas to strengthen your CV before you submit it to any potential employers:

– Proofread your document several times, not just for content, but also for spelling errors, misused punctuation, and other formatting flaws that grab your eye. A near-perfect CV can emphasize your observation skills as well as your attention to detail.
– Include key skills and responsibilities to show your competence. Unless your work experience is long and varied, you may want to stress core talents related to the position you seek.
– You should keep your CV formal and professional. Use proper English rather than slang or abbreviations. Try to not make it too personal or casual.
– Be sure to display confidence by sticking with active rather than passive voice. You should also use a variety of action verbs when you detail your work history to showcase your strengths and responsibility.