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Take your career to new heights the next time you apply for a coordinator position by submitting a winning CV with your application. The time you take to fully outline your qualifications can pay off by getting you chosen to be interviewed for the position. The format of your CV is just as important as its content. The coordinator CV example you see here will both help you think of how to craft your own summary of your education and work experiences and show you the proper category progression.

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Edward Lau

4500 Berry Street, Seattle, WA 11111

E: elau@anymail P: 555-321-8745

Professional Summary

Committed to quality and service with both people and products. Professional who exceeds both internal and customer expectations in the corporate environment. The dedicated employee provides seamless delivery of reports requiring multi-departmental involvement. Leadership-oriented management that promotes a teamwork perspective. Agile multi-tasking individual with technical skills.

  • -Articulate organizational communicator with large or small groups -Quick to implement new strategies to meet business demands -Experienced manager of staff operations -Active listening and personal communication -Robust writing skills of reports as well as customer communications -Extensive accounting software skills, including Sage 50 Accounting -Insightful allocator and utilizer of available workplace resources for project completion
Work Experience
Business Services Coordinator
2016 – Present

  • Fulfill of all accounts receivable and payable functions of the business enterprise.
  • Allocate staff resources resourcefully to execute objectives.
  • Manage daily, weekly, and monthly accounting tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Cooperate effectively with other departments to write and compile reports.
  • Monitor employee performance and give feedback both ongoing and in annual reviews.
  • Move forward on multiple project objectives at once.

Administrative Assistant
2014 – 2015

  • Completed monthly accounts payable functions ahead of schedule by utilizing optimization of tasks.

  • Responded to work directives from the business services coordinator for a variety of accounting department responsibilities.

  • Assisted in the preparation for an accounting department audit.

  • Wrote a comprehensive manual for the administration assistant job function.

Accounting Clerk
2012 – 2014

  • Documented accounts receivable mailings.
  • Routed accounts receivable mailings to appropriate staff for follow up.
  • Optimized the digital filing system for accounts receivable using FileMaker Pro.
  • Performed frontline customer service functions as a trained backup person.

Office Clerk
2010 – 2012

  • Sorted mail and routed it to the correct departments.
  • Assisted customer service with routine email responses to customers.
  • Participated in the college to work mentorship program.

Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies

University of Washington
Associate of Arts in Business

Pacific Community College
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy bicycling off-road on rugged and challenging trails. I support the off-road community by participating in volunteer trail maintenance throughout the year. Volunteering at the annual Kid’s Bike Tune Up offering free bike maintenance helps me pass along my enthusiasm for bicycling to the next generation.

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Coordinator CV Must-Haves

What Does a Coordinator Do?

Coordinators are used by many businesses to supervise workers as well as to orchestrate the workflow of the office tasks. Coordinators are often called upon to make front-line business decisions based on consumer demand, company objectives, and available resources. When confronted with complex problems, a coordinator needs to de-escalate the situation, resolve customer complaints, and provide a solution for the problem. A coordinator in a business environment must be able to delegate duties, train employees, and use technology software equally well. Coordinators have to juggle a variety of tasks almost constantly while being aware of the overall function of a team or a department. Many times, coordinators have to change their approach because of the changing availability of personnel or other resources. This coordinator CV example will give you guidance on how to showcase your skills and talents in addition to clearly outlining your experience and education qualifications.

Tips for Creating a Great Coordinator CV

Now that you have seen an example of a coordinator CV, you can start creating your own. At first, jot down highlights of your job performance, then gather employment information and education dates. Here are some other tips to create your best CV ever:

– Grab attention at the beginning of your CV by starting with a well-written opening statement that summarizes you and your skills.
– Make sure your CV is flawless by double checking your document for mistakes. Is the font, spacing, and type size uniform throughout? Make sure to get feedback on your CV by having someone else read it.
– Remember that the ultimate purpose of your CV is to land a job interview, so make sure you are selling yourself by choosing action-oriented verbs to describe your work experience.
– Although the hobbies and interests section adds personal interest and rounds out the picture of you as a person, it can be a potential pitfall. Remember to avoid listing involvements with religious or political viewpoints to keep your CV professional.