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If you want to get an interview in a competitive field, you must first get past the recruiter or hiring manager. The best way to do this is to provide a strong CV that leaves no doubt as to what you can offer the organization. When you list your relevant accomplishments, skills, and experience in the proper way, you may have more interviews than you thought possible. Create your own winning CV by applying the tips found in our creative writing CV example and writing guide below.

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Dianne Miller

64584 Westward Way, Boston, MA 11111

E: T: 555-987-6543

Professional Summary

Experienced and dedicated creative writer with 18 years of experience drafting storylines, prose, poems, and plays for a variety of purposes. Excel in providing interesting, relatable, and relevant pieces that can speak to a variety of individuals. More than 60 publications in national and local publications geared toward entertaining and educating adults and children.

  • ?Excellent control and understanding of the written word and how to use it for maximum effect.?Solid critical and analytical thinking skills that allow for the use of logic and reasoning to help determine how situations would progress in the real world and how characters would react.?In-depth knowledge of communications and media productions and how storylines must be written to accommodate such issues.?Bottomless well of new ideas for storylines, plays, novels, and shorter written works
Work Experience
Head Creative Writer
September 2011 – present

  • Create compelling stories that captivate old and new audiences, expanding the work’s fan base and leading to increased sales.
  • Excel in providing new content for established storylines while still remaining true to characters and their growth and development.
  • Work with actors to make sure they understand characters and their situations to ensure character integrity.
  • Direct post-production edits and manage other creative writers on staff.

Creative Writer and Editor
July 2005 – September 2011

  • Crafted and edited contributory creative writing pieces for quarterly scifi/fantasy magazine publication.

  • Prepared guest writer publications for inclusion in magazine, including formatting and minor edits.

  • Collaborated with other writers on staff to ensure the proper flow and dynamics of the magazine.

January 1999 – July 2005

  • Researched, wrote, and edited prose and short stories for national contests, winning prizes in more than 10 competitions.
  • Produced two novellas, a book of short stories, and a novel that received widespread critical acclaim and experienced moderate success in the U.S. market.
  • Worked with at-risk youth to help them express themselves and cope with their challenges through creative writing.

MFA Creative Writing
July 2011

Concordia University
Portland Oregon
BA in Creative Writing
May 2005

University of Washington
Seattle Washington
Hobbies & Interests

When not writing stories associated with a current job, I can always be found with my nose in a variety of books. My favorite stories are usually science fiction or fantasy, although I appreciate young adult literature and biographies as well. When the sun is shining, I enjoy hiking, swimming, and kayaking in plentiful trails and lakes around my home. To give back to my community, I have once again begun to tutor underprivileged or disadvantaged teens to help increase literacy and the chance of graduation.

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Creative Writing CV Must-Haves

What Does Creative Writing Do?

Creative writers can work in a variety of fields. Their work is valuable to game developers, publishers, magazines, and television producers. They may be given complete independence in their work, or they may have to work collaboratively with a team to create storylines, prose, short stories, or novels. Their work could be featured as content on websites, in television shows or movies, in magazines, computer or console games, or in books and other traditional publications. They may be self-employed or work as a part of a team. You can get an idea of many of the most common duties and skills you should highlight in your CV when you view our creative writing CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great Creative Writing CV

With your newfound knowledge of what your CV should look like, you should apply those principles to your own CV. Keep the following things in mind when you create your document for best results:

– Ensure you include only the most relevant information in your CV. Your sections should include a professional summary, your work experience in chronological order, your education and training, skills, and any other additional information that could set you apart from the crowd.
– Keep things as professional as possible by omitting any potentially problematic information, including your age, race, political affiliations, or religion. Although an employer may not care about hiring someone inside or outside these protected classes, it could set them up for trouble and they may react unfavorably.
– Edit every word you write. Nothing is a greater red flag than simple and gross errors on a CV. Because it is your first impression, you will want to ensure you put your best word forward and show your competency in an area that should be your expertise.