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To get your foot in the door as a curator, you need to prove you have exemplary skills. Making a good first impression is essential, which means you need a standout CV that shows just how suited you are for the job by showcasing your best assets. By using this professional curator CV example PDF along with the included tips and tricks, you can start crafting a CV that will entice employers into calling you for an interview.
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Randy Ernest

987 W Center Street , Houston, TX 11111

E: randy@fastmail P: 555-645-6455

Professional Summary

Enthusiastic customer service professional with 15 years of experience working as a liaison between consumers and corporations. Skilled communicator and listener with a knack for remedying conflict, and keen organizational skills which allow for effective delivery of outstanding service. Maintain the highest level of integrity; dedicated to providing reliable and friendly service without ever compromising the reputation or competencies of the organization. Highly motivated and outgoing individual with five years of management experience. Competent team player who can successfully inspire fellow colleagues.

    -Skilled at mediating conflict and coming up with creative solutions that benefit both the company and customer. -Enthusiastic team player with the ability to motivate, encourage, and excite fellow employees. -Proven management experience in effectively training competent customer service associates and continuing to provide outstanding service to customers. -Confident communicator with an interest in listening to what the customer has to say. -Expert at learning about new products and delivering information to customers in a way that is honest, educational, and helpful.
Work Experience
Customer Service Manager
2012 – present

  • Manage a team of 12 customer service associates and lead weekly discussions to set sales goals as individuals and as a team.
  • Communicate directly with customers on the floor and ensure their shopping experience is pleasant, productive, and memorable, and to mediate any situations that may have escalated.
  • Work with the store supervisor to train new associates through video simulations, in-class instruction, and shadowing shifts on the floor.
  • Set a precedence for fellow team members to follow and maintain an enthusiastic attitude, friendly demeanor, and integrity-driven conduct at all times.

Customer Service Associate
2003 – 2012

  • Worked on a team with 11 other individuals to maintain a store that was clean, organized, and shopper-friendly.

  • Increased personal sales goals from 10% to nearly 80% during 2003-2012 through consistent effort and regular meetings with the customer service manager.

  • Achieved “Employee of the Month” upwards of 25 times and was named “Customer Service Associate of the Year” in 2005, 2008, and 2010-2012.

Customer Service Representative
2001 – 2003

  • Answered nearly 60 calls daily from customers inquiring about product usage, billing issues, or general company information.
  • Received recognition on four different occasions for mediating conflict and keeping the business throughout the process.
  • Learned about eight different products and competently provided customers with information about each one, complementary products, and suggestions for their usage.

Bachelor of Science in Communication

University of Texas

Hobbies and Interests

I teach a family communications course to my church congregation once a month and enjoy volunteering at the local YMCA as well. I am passionate about cooking and am currently taking a culinary course at University of Texas.

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Customer Service CV Must-Haves

What Does Customer Service Do?

Customer service professionals are responsible for providing customers with reliable information, product guidance, and friendly service. The best candidates are ones who exhibit enthusiasm, patience, strong communication skills, a willingness to learn, and skill at working with people. Often, customer service professionals have to deal with people who may be dissatisfied or in need of having a problem solved. In these scenarios, creativity in order to effectively solve problems is critical along with mindfulness to remain objective and respectful even when things get challenging. Your curriculum vitae is a primary opportunity for you to showcase these types of skills and your mastery or them. This customer service CV example is a shining example of one that is well-written and highlights the appropriate core competencies for this type of job.

Tips for Creating a Great Customer Service CV

Here are some helpful tips to reference as you begin writing your CV for a customer service position:

-When writing the Hobbies and Interests section, be mindful to share some things you enjoy without oversharing. Too much information can be counterproductive and unprofessional.
-Because customer service requires strong people skills, fill your Skills section with competencies such as communication, negotiation, conflict management, willingness to learn, and patience, among others.
-Pay attention to detail as you are writing your CV. This is especially important for customer service job seekers because effective communication is critical for success when working with people. Your CV is your first opportunity to demonstrate your ability to be concise and informative.
-Remember that numbers are important. Coordinating metrics with responsibilities in the Work History section will help recruiters to visualize the impact you made in previous jobs.


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