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A curriculum vitae allows recruiters an informal introduction into a candidate’s background, industry experience, and core competencies. Based off of the type of content a candidate chooses to include, hiring professionals decide whether or not to contact that candidate for an interview. When writing your own curriculum vitae, your focus should be on sharing information that is direct, informative, and engaging. This customer service team leader CV example and the accompanying tips are an excellent guide to follow as you work through the process of writing your own CV.

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Tara Winegar

1569 W Lake Street , Seattle, WA 11111

E: winegartara@fastmail P: 555-999-2222

Professional Summary

Experienced customer service professional who has spent nearly 10 years in a management role. Skilled communicator who understands how to work with customers in a way that is helpful and respectful, and who can effectively delegate tasks to team members for optimal customer service. Patient individual with the proven ability to mediate conflict and remain objective in challenging situations to find solutions that are beneficial to both the company and the customer. Dedicated to building brand awareness and loyalty through an integrity-driven approach to educate customers and give them an experience they won’t soon forget. Team player and passionate leader who motivates others by example, and genuine attention to individual performance and success.

  • – Expert communication skills when managing team members and delegating responsibilities, assisting customers, and reporting performance results to upper management. – Proven ability to mediate conflict and provide resolutions that are fair and rewarding to the customer, as well as in line with company protocols and standards. – Confidence in learning about new products and their features and specifications and which complementary merchandise to recommend for upselling. – Trusted leader who is outgoing, enthusiastic, and genuine to build strong relationships with each team member to encourage personal success. – Vigilant overseer with proven organization and time management skills to eliminate wasted time and resources.
Work Experience
Customer Service Team Leader
2009 – present

  • Manage a team of 15 customer service associates and lead weekly discussions to set team goals and assess individual performance.
  • Intervene in scenarios where a customer’s situation has escalated, and provide creative solutions to mediate conflict and rebuild trust and brand loyalty.
  • Direct customer service associate training meetings and ensure policies, procedures, and protocols are clearly understood.
  • Report to management on departmental success and efficiency, and collaborate with superiors to identify areas of improvement for the team.

Customer Service Trainer
2006 – 2009

  • Oversaw new-hire trainings to instruct customer service associates on expected behavior, safety protocols, and organizational standards.

  • Coordinated shadowing assignments for new-hires to work with an experienced associate on the floor, and monitored their understanding of concepts taught in training.

  • Lead monthly trainings to reinforce organizational principles for quality customer service, including integrity, honesty, patience, and communication.

Customer Service Associate
2001 – 2006

  • Worked as part of a 10-person team to assist customers with product questions, inquiries, and issues.
  • Achieved a consistent record of upselling product to 60 percent of the customers I personally assisted.
  • Commended for providing outstanding customer care through friendly greeting, timely assistance, and successful conflict mediation.

Bachelor of Science in Communication

University of Washington
Tacoma Washington
Associate in Communication

University of Washington
Tacoma Washington
Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer weekly at a local elementary school where I assist the teacher in a class for special needs students. I enjoy crafting, wood working, and baking. I look forward to spending time with my family, especially my husband and three children.

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Customer Service Team Leader CV Must-Haves

What Does a Customer Service Team Leader Do?

A customer service team leader is responsible for managing a number of associates and verifying that each is adhering to policies as outlined by upper management. As a customer service team leader, you will be accountable for tasks such as overseeing trainings, assisting customers, mediating conflict, and collaborating with colleagues to make processes more effective. You will also work directly with customers to ensure their experience is productive and that they have the information they need. Maintaining standards of integrity and honesty are critical to building brand awareness and developing trusting relationships with each customer. The best team leaders are encouraging, outgoing, good communicators, and passionate about helping others. This customer service team leader CV example demonstrates how to highlight such skills in a way that is persuasive and engaging.

Tips for Creating a Great Customer Service Team Leader CV

Here are some helpful tips to make writing your curriculum vitae a bit easier:

– When listing previous job responsibilities in the Work Experience section, you can add valuable meaning by using metrics. For example, “Managed a team of customer service associates” is much more meaningful when phrased, “Managed a team of five customer service associates.”
– List work experiences and educational accomplishments in chronological order with the most recent information at the top.
– Focus the content in the Professional Summary section on your people skills, including communication, conflict management, leadership, and patience, to highlight your ability to effectively manage a team.
– Avoid sharing too much information, especially in the Hobbies and Interests section. Oversharing can make the reader uncomfortable or cause them to lose focus. Irrelevant content can clutter your CV and withdraw from the professionalism you desire to portray.