Embedded Software Engineer CV Example


If only you had a few minutes of face time with the manager hiring for your dream job. Actually, landing an interview is possible even amid stiff competition when you present a quality curriculum vitae. Wrapping your mind around what employers are looking for can be a tough endeavor, but it’s easier when you take a few minutes to examine our embedded software engineer CV example. This sample document offers suggestions for how to organize and format your document for success. Our tips will help you know what to include and what to leave out to make the best impression.

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John Sandersen

222 Kennedy St., Mt. Vernon, WA 99999

E: johnsanders@anymail P: 555-987-600

Professional Summary

Embedded software engineer with more than four years of financial programming experience. Committed to writing clean code and well-thought-out comments. Able to think in the mind of the user to create intuitive interactive modules. Have managed source control and improved procedures key to software development scheduling. Versed in both exploratory and automated QA testing. Background in hardware and graphics helps me keep the big picture in mind.

  • -Able to understand various points of view because of active listening and skillful use of questions. -Adept in communicating technical details to a non-technical audience. -Strong troubleshooting skills. Able to define complex problems and find the root cause. -Deep thinker, regularly evaluating alternatives for making firmware and software code operate reliably with the underlying hardware. -Emotionally intelligent, understanding the reactions of others for what they are and not taking anything personal. -Highly organized, managing hours within a personal time budget to keep projects moving ahead.
Work Experience
Systems Engineer
February 2012 – present

  • Analyze Unix system capabilities to author a technical feasibility plan for how to execute requirements provided by business analysts.
  • Work on a team to create a program from the ground up to run on the next generation of a particular ATM machine.
  • Currently writing and implementing new scripts to help QA engineers check for defects on our new platform.

Engineering Intern
June 2011 – December 2011

  • Created drivers to facilitate communication between graphics controllers and programs.

  • Investigated and evaluated solutions for the five highest priority bugs as identified by our testing team.

  • Enhanced API to open up additional functionality to programmers.

  • Wrote the release notes and help documentation for features included in new software version.

Hardware Technician
January 2007 – March 2011

  • Pulled parts according to engineering schematics and manufacturing schedule. Distributed such at stations along the assembly line.
  • Built heavy-duty computers from printed circuit boards and electronic components.
  • Ran stress-testing equipment, reported on results, and suggested design modifications.
  • Trained and supervised temporary staff during high-production periods.

Master of Business Administration
anticipated graduation 2018

Western Washington University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

UC Davis
Hobbies & Interests

Interested in automobiles, airplanes, and other fascinating machines. Active investor in renewable energy technologies. Member of The Mountaineers since 2013, participating in wilderness treks and glacier climbs. Learning to play piano and improve my singing voice.

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Embedded Software Engineer CV Must-Haves

What Does an Embedded Software Engineer Do?

Embedded software engineers write programs to run on computers that are part of a larger system. Embedded systems are found in the aerospace, marine, energy, medical, digital signage, and industrial automotive industries. The job may involve meeting with a manager to discuss an upcoming project or development cycle. As shown by the embedded software engineer CV example, they may edit existing code, create new code, or spend time fixing defects. When software is ready to be compiled, embedded software engineers may release the build to a small group, accept feedback, and make changes before deploying the new release. They may assist customers when cases are escalated up from the support department. Some work with sales and distribution staff to discuss product capabilities and customization options.

Tips for Creating a Great Embedded Software Engineer CV

With the example provided in mind, you are prepared to start creating your own CV. The following tips are designed to help you along the way:

– Think in the mind of a hiring manager while authoring your CV. Likely you’ve seen enough job descriptions to have a good idea about what companies are looking for.
– Where possible, be specific about your skills and accomplishments. However, be sure to spell out any abbreviations that are not well known.
– Avoid topics that could be considered controversial. Leave out anything that could reveal a political, religious, or personal bias.
– When mentioning single-digit numbers, spell them out.
– List certifications under the “Education and Training” section. Only use professional designations after your name if they’re relevant to the job you’re applying for.
– Unless you’re seeking a career in academia, try to keep your CV to two pages or less. Use at least a 10pt font for best readability.