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Your curriculum vitae is a valuable opportunity to introduce yourself to recruiters, telling them who you are, what your background is, and what qualifications you have. A professionally-written CV is about more than slapping some generic facts onto a sheet of paper. Rather, using correct formatting, careful content selection, and a persuasive tone, you can propel yourself ahead of your competition. This event coordinator CV example and the accompanying tips are designed to aid you in creating your own custom document.

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Linda Carraway

38104 N Crest Road , Phoenix, AZ 11111

E: carrawaylinda1@fastmail P: 555-888-9944

Professional Summary

Professional event planner with nearly 10 years of experience in providing creative, dependable, and unforgettable event coordination services. Passionate innovator who understands how to transform a client’s idea into an event that is entertaining and memorable. Confident communicator with an enthusiastic personality and sound negotiation skills to ensure outcomes are in-line with the client’s vision, financial requirements, and overall purpose. Thorough planner who combines organization and time management skills with timely follow up to guarantee the reliability of designated vendors for an event.

  • -Strong communication and negotiation skills to verify details, secure trustworthy vendors, and execute an event that is coordinated and organized. -Innovative thinker with the proven ability to take a client’s vision and transform it into an event that completely delivers the purpose and theme desired. -Skilled technical abilities to confidently use technology in planning, organizing, prioritizing, scheduling, executing, and following-up an event. -Creative problem solver who remains calm under pressure to quickly find solutions to unexpected problems that may occur during an event. -Organized professional who utilizes time management, attention to detail, follow up, and honesty to build trustworthy and long-lasting client relations.
Work Experience
Event Planner
2008 – present

  • Coordinate event logistics, including lodging for attendees, venue selection, and dates and times for the actual event and any rehearsals.
  • Facilitate as a liaison between clients, designated vendors, and hired event staff to verify mutual understanding and guarantee the best possible outcome.
  • Negotiate with reputable vendors to select the ones that most appropriately and successfully deliver a client’s request in conjunction with their budget, purpose, and theme.
  • Create timely and innovative solutions to unexpected problems in a way that is honest and professional, without postponing or disturbing an event.

Meeting Planner
2005 – 2008

  • Facilitated meeting schedules for executive management, clients, and any additional staff to guarantee a time that worked for everyone.

  • Maintained and organized meeting notes in a way that was orderly, concise, and easily accessible for attendees to reference later on.

  • Coordinated logistics and details, including meeting location, vendors (if needed), food and beverage, and technical equipment, in conjunction with instructions provided from executive staff.

Administrative Assistant
2000 – 2005

  • Oversaw meeting management schedules for eight staff members and facilitated communication to ensure common understanding.
  • Verified logistics to guarantee an appropriate and comfortable location, and arranged necessary transportation to that location.
  • Managed daily administrative duties, including copying, emailing clients, arranging staff schedules, maintaining a clean office space, greeting visitors, answering phone calls, and attending important meetings to record minutes.

Event Coordinator Certification

University of Arizona
Tucson Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

University of Arizona
Tucson Arizona
Hobbies and Interests

I am an adjunct faculty member at a local high school where I teach a hospitality management class. I enjoy being outdoors and spend a lot of time hiking and biking. My passions include baking, crocheting, and being with my family.

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Event Coordinator CV Must-Haves

What Does an Event Coordinator Do?

Event coordinators are involved in every component of planning an event from concept to outcome. As an event coordinator, you are responsible for hearing and understanding a client’s vision, which often requires consistent communication and follow up to ensure mutual agreement. When given a budget, theme, and purpose, it is then your responsibility to get bids from vendors, negotiate their services, and secure those that are reputable and able to deliver. Facilitating an event may also require coordinating logistics from lodging requirements to venue selection to verification of all necessary technological and equipment needs. You will also work directly with staff hired to execute the event to ensure their understanding of designated responsibilities, work ethic, and professionalism. This event coordinator CV example demonstrates how to highlight these skills in a way that is effective and persuasive.

Tips for Creating a Great Event Coordinator CV

Here are some valuable tips to consider as you write and edit your curriculum vitae:

– Carefully articulate content for each section of your CV without skipping any segments. Attention to detail is a crucial skill to have in event coordination, and you can demonstrate your understanding of this competency by submitting a complete document.
– Begin each bullet in your Work Experiences section with an action verb that depicts the behavior of an event coordinator. Examples include: adapted, facilitated, guided, supported, negotiated, coordinated, or directed.
– The Hobbies and Interests section is an opportunity for you to tell how you use your strengths and skills in other areas of your life. Keep content professional, concise, and genuine.
– Always read through your CV a couple of times to catch any spelling or grammar errors you may have overlooked. Peer reviews are a great idea to guarantee that you submit a polished CV.