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Every job seeker can benefit from a review of the basic structure and conventions of a curriculum vitae. This is especially true if you are aiming for a high-profile position, such as executive, where your CV is likely to play a large role in your candidacy. Consulting a sample is often an effective way to inspire your own ideas, and our executive CV example makes doing so easy. Read it and the included tips for a better idea of how you can create your own winning CV.

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Kaitlyn Smith

2276 January Ln.,Polishtown, TN 11111

T: 555-981-0948 E: smith_kaitlyn@anymail.com

Professional Summary

Experienced professional with extensive history managing and directing projects for various companies. Excelled at uniting team and achieving objectives, as well as exceeding benchmark goals for sales and overall performance. Managed teams ranging in size from six to 18 members and worked in conjunction with clients to utilize team for multiple projects. Also created training materials and protocols to be implemented company-wide for general and individual onboarding initiatives. Served as interim chief executive officer while training was initiated throughout company.

  • -Excel in written and spoken communication -Exemplary leadership skills -Adept at handling complex multi-tasking demands -Superior ability to meet and exceed objectives -Strong sense of teamwork and collaboration
Work Experience
Interim Chief Executive Officer
November 2012-Present

  • Temporarily replaced CEO during leave and assumed duties including overseeing all departments, setting quarterly goals, and training department managers.
  • Develop and implement individual strategies for the direction, management, and trajectory of the entire company.
  • Work to improve company culture through modeling ambitious values, positive outlook, and collaboration.

Project Manager
June 2012-November 2012

  • Oversaw individual projects’ progress, staff, and objectives allocated by the company as well as the company’s clients.

  • Developed reports to track the success of the project and provided individualized feedback to each member of the project team.

  • Created training modules and practices for a tailored briefing on each of the projects the company’s team would be working on.

Client Relations Manager
May 2008-June 2012

  • Managed the accounts of each of the company’s clients and initiated outreach to acquire new client accounts.
  • Communicated with clients on a daily basis to receive directives, gauge goals, and enhance the value of the relationship.
  • Maintained clients by incentivizing contract renewals and ensuring that all clients are completely satisfied with the services that they received from the company.

Certificate in Project Management

Master of Business Administration

Middleborough University Business School
Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy a number of different hobbies, including the development of team-building exercises that I present at other local businesses and volunteer work helping job seekers with resume building at employment centers. I am also interested in professional development opportunities, which I pursue whenever I am able. I also occasionally offer leadership and college readiness workshops to high school seniors in order to help them prepare for college and the job market they will encounter after graduation.

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Executive CV Must-Haves

What Does an Executive Do?

Executives are responsible for a range of actions within a company. Your day to day tasks are determined by what kind of company you are working for, how big it is, and what functions it serves. You can expect to set and oversee goals and policies for individual departments as well as the company as a whole. You will also work in conjunction with the rest of your staff and managers in order to maintain the general operations of the company. An executive is required to fluidly handle these and many other tasks, depending on what the needs of the company might be at any given moment, but this makes the position particularly attractive to candidates who thrive in such an environment. If you aspire to lead others and establish successful policies, reviewing our executive CV example is a good place to start in seeking this job.

Tips for Creating a Great Executive CV

Now that you’ve reviewed an example of an executive CV, as well as some ideas for what you should include, you should be ready to get started writing your own. These tips offer some additional guidance for how to make yours great and ensure it impresses your prospective employers:
– Do give strong examples of your leadership skills and the impact they have had in your prior experience and positions.
– Don’t use vague terms to describe your prior work when you can be specific and demonstrate the applications of your skill set.
– Do emphasize your ability to work on a team and as a leader individually€” doing so shows you are collaborative yet still a strong leader.
– Don’t spend too much space on your CV focusing on experience or skills that are not relevant to the position you are seeking.