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To get a new job you first need to get an interview, and to get an interview you first need a stunning and informative CV. The gallery assistant CV example below shows you how to make a CV that will stand out in a crowd. Read over the tips and what the duties this position requires so you can tailor your CV suitably. Use this example and the accompanying tips to revise your existing CV or make a new one from scratch. When your CV highlights the qualities employers are looking for, your chances for an interview increase.

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Paula Ann Moore

246 E. Matchstick Way , Cedar City, UT 99999

E: P: 555-222-3333

Professional Summary

Accomplished linguist and archivist seeking an acquisitions position in a gallery featuring international exhibits. Passionate about art and history, with a dedication to preservation and interpretation to allow future generations access to and understanding of past traditions. Experienced with translations and library acquisitions. Verbally fluent in multiple languages and able to read and understand many more. Able to travel as needed and work flexible hours.

  • -Fluent in French, German and Dutch -Can read and understand Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Swiss -Competent with Microsoft Office Suite and database software -Detail oriented with exceptional analytic and problem-solving skills -Able to work flexible hours and travel internationally as needed -Skilled at in-depth analysis of ancient materials and texts
Work Experience
June 2010 to October 2016

  • Updated paper archive to digital with backups and an accompanying guide book.
  • Researched maintenance best-practices for out-of-date materials
  • Arranged for translation services for documents outside my fluency and translated those which were possible.
  • Answered questions and guided visitors to the archive they needed.

Acquisitions Manager –
February 2008 to May 2010

  • Led five-person team in the task of purchasing books from online and catalogue sources.

  • Chose new material based on exhibit rotation in the library gallery.

  • Processed book and item donations from multiple sources.

  • Trained local students in basic library and gallery tasks for a summer workshop.

Student Assistant – August 2004 to December 2007

  • Studied under influential archivist at University of Washington.
  • Catalogued Dutch and Dutch-influenced pieces that had lingered in storage.
  • Oversaw work done by undergraduates when they were in the archives section.

Tutor –
August 2002 to May 2004

  • Worked for the French Department as a tutor.
  • Assisted multiple levels of French students with their language and cultural studies.
  • Mentored students considering a degree in French or other languages.

Certified Heritage Interpreter
March 2013

National Association for Interpretation
Certified Interpretive Manager
August 2010

National Association for Interpretation
Hobbies and Interests

Active in the local arts community, visiting gallery openings and donating to art programs for children and teens. Assist local library with their heritage tree by researching the lineage of founding members and anyone who requests this service at the library. Volunteer with the local park system to clean parks and trails every other weekend.

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Gallery Assistant CV Must-Haves

What Does a Gallery Assistant Do?

A gallery assistant plays an important role at any curated facility, whether for art, historic or literature exhibits. The lead curator relies on this assistant to manage small tasks such as training new staff, writing grant proposals, and organizing stored exhibits. Depending on the size of the exhibition venue, assistants may be one of a large team or work predominately on their own. Communication is important, both within a team and to outside donors and sister facilities. Good organizational skills are key, as well as an eye for detail. These and other important skills are highlighted in the gallery assistant CV example, and should also be noted in yours. Galleries are often involved in the local community, which means including any volunteer experience in your hobbies looks good to a recruiter. International galleries will also be interested in your spoken or written master of any languages.

Tips for Creating a Great Gallery Assistant CV

-Include skills that are focused toward the kind of gallery you are applying for. If exhibits are usually international in nature, then list any foreign languages you know.
-Use bullet points to list your skills and your work experience. These are easier for a recruiter to read and let you put focus on the most important aspects of your work history and skill set.
-Include metrics whenever possible, such as how much of an increase a new method had on productivity or how many patrons you generally assist.
-List your work experience and education from most recent on back, allowing a recruiter to find what they are looking for faster.
-Don’t rely on spellcheck to catch all your errors; read your CV out loud to someone and have other people read over it to improve your chances of catching all mistakes.
-Avoid using personal pronouns — these quickly become repetitive and are assumed, since your name is at the top of the CV.