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When applying for a job, the curriculum vitae you submit is your first chance to make an impression. It is an opportunity to highlight desirable skills and applicable experience in a way that is compelling. By carefully placing key words and phrases from the job description into your CV and demonstrating your mastery of certain skills, recruiters will recognize your undeniable qualifications and enthusiasm. This game tester CV example provides an excellent reference for content selection and organization and formatting requirements. The tips that follow will give you some ideas of important details to consider.

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Steve Radcliff

691 E Sunset Circle , Orlando, FL 11111

E: radcliffs@fastmail P: 555-777-9911

Professional Summary

Expert game tester with 12 years of experience in utilizing specialized metrics and testing equipment to assess playability and function. Profound understanding of tracking to identify bugs and problems before they compromise user function and accessibility. Skilled communicator who uses attention to detail, consistency, and organization to document required updates, modifications, enhancements, and defects. Experienced designer of test plans and scenarios to develop solutions to potential problems and prevent them from occurring. Committed to optimizing the experience of gamers everywhere through thorough testing to identify and remove bugs, and eliminate inefficiency and errors.

  • -Skilled understanding of technology and the types of issues that affect usability and efficiency and risk compromising the experience of avid gamers. -Experienced in using testing software, procedures, and time constraints to report detailed experience logs by required deadlines. -Strong communication skills to work with team members to acquire feedback about game efficiency and verify playability through consistent follow up. -Critical thinker who identifies innovative solutions to problems and alternative answers to recurring issues. -Profound understanding of analysis to break down information for deeper research to find root problems before they expand into something bigger.
Work Experience
Game Tester
2010 – present

  • Develop tests and create scenarios to identify inconsistencies or glitches that will diminish the player experience.
  • Track and remove bugs by watching for inconsistencies and defects, and gathering input from fellow testers regarding accessibility, functionality, and efficiency.
  • Work through different levels of multiple games to replicate every possible player decision to identify areas where improvements need to be made.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to coordinate design reviews after compiling detailed input from testers on required function capabilities.

Game Tester Assistant
2006 – 2010

  • Scheduled tests to take place in accordance with forecasted release dates and perceived advertising campaigns.

  • Manipulated database management software to set control points for various tests, and regulated other tests to run automatically on a given date and time.

  • Collaborated with team members to identify improvements in a game’s playability, including menu navigation, screen resolution, and level manipulation.

Game Tester Intern
2005 – 2006

  • Coordinated with superiors to build tests that actively sought to debug games by consistently researching the types of functions, capabilities, and requirements of a game and looking for inconsistencies in results.
  • Ran tests in a variety of testing software, and managed multiple factors at once from level selection to decision-making from a gamer’s perspective.
  • Presented a report of what was learned during my internship to a panel of departmental leaders and executive management.

Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering

University of Florida
Gainesville Florida
Associate of Science in Computer Technology

University of Florida
Gainesville Florida
Hobbies and Interests

I am a weekly volunteer at the local YMCA where I teach an informal class to the youth about technology. I am an avid historian, and I enjoy spending time with my family and cooking.

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Game Tester CV Must-Haves

What Does a Game Tester Do?

Game testers work primarily to monitor a game’s effectiveness and modify components to maintain the function and experience of quality games. As a game tester, you will be responsible for developing tests or identifying what types of testing need to be run to debug the software, increase efficiency, and provide better screen resolution and function for users. You will run these types of tests using a variety of testing software, methods, and measuring techniques to diagnose problems, identify solutions, and revamp program makeup. Communication is critical as you work with team members to attain feedback about the quality of a game and collaborate to determine what steps to take in bettering the software for end-users. This game tester CV example provides an illustration of how to incorporate these responsibilities and skills in a way that is persuasive.

Tips for Creating a Great Game Tester CV

Here are some helpful tips to consider as you begin to write your curriculum vitae:

-Game testing often relies on a profound understanding of technology and gaming. Highlight these skills throughout your CV, especially in the Professional Summary and Skills sections.
-Game testing is all about looking for and catching errors to provide an optimal product to end-users. By carefully proofreading your CV before submission, you can demonstrate your mastery of this skill by giving recruiters a polished document.
-Avoid oversharing information in any portion of your CV but especially in the Hobbies and Interests section. Provide some facts about what you like to do, but maintain professionalism as well.
-Never omit any section of your CV. Each area contains valuable information that recruiters seek and require to make their decision.