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If you are an aspiring Hadoop developer looking for ideas to inspire your curriculum vitae, you should consider consulting an example that provides some guidance. Our CV guide for Hadoop developers is designed specifically to help job seekers who are writing their CV, so it’s a great place to start in your CV writing process. We offer a Hadoop developer CV example tailored to include the sections and conventions your CV should, and the tips we include are helpful, too. Incorporating both of these into your writing can help you produce great results and a fantastic CV.

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James Johnson

234 Hyacinth Ave.,Florence, CA 11111

T: 555-234-8643 E: jamesjohnson@anymail.com

Professional Summary

Experienced Hadoop developer with extensive knowledge and prior work in applications of Hadoop scripting and data development. Previously utilized Hadoop on Microsoft SQL server platform to create data architecture designed for proprietary products. Skilled in scripting with Shell, Java, SQL, and Oracle in addition to expert Hadoop capabilities. Previously developed Hadoop-based platforms that improved user experience on company’s web site and coincided with increased sales of 18 percent after rollout of Hadoop architecture platform. Also initiated Hadoop training for fellow staff to familiarize all developers with essential scripting protocol.

  • -Highly skilled in various programming languages and platforms -Ability to create various user experiences online through programming -Innovative troubleshooting approaches and capabilities -Proficient in written and spoken professional communication -Creative spirit and approach to programming tasks
Work Experience
Hadoop Developer
August 2014-Present

  • Train programming staff in Hadoop language and methodologies in order to establish common knowledge of resource.
  • Utilize Hadoop to achieve objectives established by senior management and develop ideal online experience for users.
  • Manage job flows for Hadoop projects and troubleshoot any issues that happen to arise.

Principal Programming Developer
July 2013-August 2014

  • Engaged with the rest of programming staff to develop effective solutions to the issues encountered in an online experience.

  • Utilized languages and platforms such as Hadoop, Unix/Linux, and Scala/Python in order to creatively innovate applications.

  • Partnered with executive management to develop effective programming approaches to satisfying the company’s needs.

Scripting Specialist
November 2011-July 2013

  • Performed basic scripting duties for the web site of the company in order to maintain its operation and troubleshoot problems.
  • Identified ways in which scripting could be used to improve user experience and implemented improvement with approval from management.
  • Used various scripting languages, including Hadoop and Java, to best achieve the objectives directed by senior management.

Master of Science in Computing with an Emphasis in Programming

Middle University School
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Middle University School
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy many activities outside of work, and perhaps my favorite is my own freelance web design. I utilize my programming skills to maintain a blog and update it regularly with photos, fiction I write, and other items of interest I enjoy sharing with my friends and family. My skills have allowed me to create an interactive space online where visitors can enjoy these features in a unique online platform. I am passionate about the opportunities programming can provide, so in addition to this hobby, I often volunteer to host career workshops for local high schoolers who are focused on careers in computer science and tech.

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Hadoop Developer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Hadoop Developer Do?

A Hadoop developer is a highly-skilled programming position that demands familiarity with scripting using Hadoop language as it applies to a range of different platforms and uses. A Hadoop developer will generally receive directives from senior management regarding the tasks and projects to be completed. The position also requires programmers to engage in troubleshooting and proactive problem-solving in order to maintain smoothly running systems and ensure that customers enjoy an engaging and effective experience online. Most importantly, however, a Hadoop developer should maximize the effectiveness of the company’s online presence through intuitive designs and secure features that are managed strategically. The Hadoop developer CV example provided above can help you figure out which of your work experience will be the best addition to your own document.

Tips for Creating a Great Hadoop Developer CV

The example CV above offers a great overview of the contents, conventions, and sections that a great curriculum vitae should include. There’s more than just this to consider, though, and you should also take these tips into account:

– Do use numbers and statistics to demonstrate specific instances of success in your prior positions and work experience.
– Don’t make your CV difficult for somebody outside of your industry to understand if they were to pick it up and start reading.
– Do make important points easy to identify and understand by placing them in a bullet point format and contextualizing them.
– Don’t overstep your bounds and exaggerate any of your prior experience or any of your accomplishments in your work history.
– Do show an upward trajectory throughout your work history through your descriptions of your accomplishments, promotions, and other qualifications.