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Looking for ways to capture the positive attention of employers? One of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is to create and distribute attractive CVs. Take a few minutes to study our heater CV example below and use it as a template to create your own personalized CV. We also invite you to use our convenient CV writing tips to craft a persuasive and focused CV that highlights your relevant skills and accomplishments in the best light possible.

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Tony Anderson

531 Circle Street, Las Vegas, NV 11111

E:tanderson@anymail.com P:555-444-5555

Professional Summary

Skilled heater with two years of experience adjusting controls on furnaces to maintain heating times and temperatures. Knowledge of production processes, raw materials, manufacturing costs, quality control basics, and methods for maximizing the efficient manufacture of goods. Great communication skills that enable me to fully understand production schedules and follow work orders. Skilled in determining heat cycle requirements, processing sequences, and furnace temperatures for objects that need to be heat-treated. Outstanding team player who understands the value of working with others to achieve a common production goal.

  • -Exceptional attention to detail when reviewing instructions and determining the correct temperature needed to heat-treat objects. -In-depth understanding of heating machinery, how it works, and how to determine whether or not it is functioning properly. -Extensive knowledge of production processes and effective manufacturing and distribution techniques. -Detailed understanding of the quality control tests and processes employed to evaluate performance or quality. -Proficient in mathematical applications pertinent to calculating correct temperature levels and time periods needed to heat an object to specifications. -Superior arm-hand steadiness and manual dexterity.
Work Experience

  • Control systems and equipment operations.
  • Handle, move, and position materials manually and with the use of machinery.
  • Record the precise times when parts are removed from furnaces and maintain documentation that tells how long objects have been heated and at what temperatures.
  • Alert crane operators when it is time to lower ingots into soaking pits.
  • Start conveyors and allow for stock to be loaded by opening furnace doors.
  • Tend, operate, and install machines that heat-treat, harden, and anneal metal.

Stock Clerk

  • Unpacked items and stocked them on grocery store shelves.

  • Examined products to be stocked for defects and damage, then reported problems to supervisors.

  • Marked stock items with labeling equipment.

  • Counted products and entered data in the company computer system.

  • Interacted with customers on a daily basis and helped ensure their needs were met.

  • Completed assigned stock tasks 20-30 minutes faster than expected on a daily basis.

High School Diploma
May 2015

Arbor View High School
Las Vegas Nevada

Hobbies and Interests

I am passionate about animals and volunteer at my local animal shelter one day each week. I also foster animals on a regular basis and actively help them find good homes when local shelters are overwhelmed. In my spare time, I create and sell unique sculptures by welding scrap metal to form rugged home décor items and yard art. I enjoy watching and participating in sports even though I am not the most accomplished athlete, and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

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Heater CV Must-Haves

What Does a Heater Do?

Before you can write a winning heater CV, you need to become very familiar with the responsibilities that a heater must perform on a regular basis. As a heater, your daily responsibilities include heating materials to specified temperatures for precise periods of time. You also handle and move materials either with your hands or with mechanized devices and equipment. A heater must follow work orders with exactness in order to achieve the desired results and must record heating data either manually or in a computer program. As a heater, you need to have a basic knowledge of production processes, manufacturing techniques, and quality control standards. A good background in mathematics is helpful in this occupation. The enclosed heater CV example will help guide you through the process of writing a great CV and highlighting your most relevant skills and experience.

Tips for Creating a Great Heater CV

Now that you have a good idea of how your CV should be formatted and the information it should include, it’s time to create your own. Keep these tips in mind when putting your heater CV together:

– Use your Hobbies and Interests section to highlight your positive attributes, talents, and passions.
– Make sure your CV is completely free of grammatical and formatting errors by reviewing it at least twice.
– Follow accepted CV format guidelines when selecting font size and type.
– Include volunteer work in your Hobbies section if possible, and do not include details about your political views or any other personal views that may be seen as controversial.
– Use bullet points in your Work Experience section and remember to begin each sentence with a strong action verb.
– Spend time perfecting your professional summary and make sure it “sells” you as the best professional for the job.