High School Teacher CV Example


Your CV plays a key role in helping you get a job as a high school teacher that is fulfilling, competitively compensated, and a good match for your skills. Because so much of your working future depends on this document, it is important to take your time refining your CV’s information to present your past professional experience in the best possible way. This document lets potential employers see that you are the right job candidate. Here is a high school teacher CV example designed specifically to give you a model to refer to when developing your own CV.

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AnneY. Mouze

789 Main Street,Anytown, Anystate 11111

yourname@email.com (555) 555-5555

Professional Summary

Highly experienced high school teacher with four years of classroom experience and a two-year practicum. Prepared lesson plans and supplementary material according to state and national education standards, reviewed and submitted textbook evaluations for district selection, implemented multimedia learning tools, networked with other teachers for integrated curriculum development, and provided individual tutoring to students in need of additional attention in a grade 9-12 public school. Practicum experience included 24 months of classroom experience in a private school for underachieving secondary school students.

  • -Curriculum development integrating new media to meet current educational standards. -Promotion of scientific literacy beyond the classroom to real-world applications encountered by students. -Cross-disciplinary networking with fellow educators. -Educational coaching and tutoring of students in need of additional assistance. -Communicating complex scientific principles in a comprehensible manner. -Assisting student exploration of science and science education.
Work Experience
Science Teacher
January 2012 – October 2016

  • Developed innovative and engaging curriculum covering earth science, basic chemistry, ecology, astronomy, and human health.
  • Employed multimedia learning tools for exploration of scientific subjects and enhanced educational experience relevant to students with different learning styles.
  • Connected science education to current events and other subjects of study to create a multidisciplinary approach to scientific knowledge and conversation.
  • Implemented group study techniques to encourage exploration of scientific topics and implementation of principles discovered.
  • Assisted students in need of tutoring to improve grades and test scores.
  • Mentored science club for two years, assisting with meeting room acquisition, materials collection, event organizing, and outreach to student body.

Science Teacher Aid
January 2009 – November 2011

  • Partnered with an established teacher in a private secondary school focused on accelerated education of students struggling to maintain grades necessary for graduation.

  • Organized study schedule highlighting health, earth science, chemistry, and biology to provide heightened attention to students in need of assistance with these subjects.

  • Developed assessments to measure student achievement and pinpoint areas of knowledge needing additional attention.

  • Documented assessment results and homework scores to prepare student performance reports for parents demonstrating the impact of school curriculum.

  • Assisted supervising teacher with curriculum development, assessment development, classroom management, parent/teacher conferences, and other essential tasks.

  • Networked with teachers and aids to develop robust connections with other educators interested in promoting academic performance in underachieving students.

Teaching Certificate; Secondary Science Education

Anystate Department of Education

Hobbies and Interests

I am active in my local native plants gardening club to promote the health of local ecosystems and improve the population of at-risk flora species. I participate in seasonal habitat restoration of riparian regions and document community efforts with amateur photography and landscape art.

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High School Teacher CV Must-Haves

What Does a High School Teacher Do?

A high school teacher has to interact successfully with several distinct groups of people. In the classroom, a teacher must oversee student activity, utilize tests and quizzes to assess learning progress, and provide feedback to students as they acquire knowledge in a variety of subjects. Teachers must also work closely with fellow educators and administrators to promote a productive school setting that prioritizes learning and student safety.

Teachers in secondary education typically specialize in one field, such as science, math, or language arts. This specialization allows teachers to create learning environments that promote the deeper knowledge of essential subjects required for college application. Any relevant specialization can be mentioned on a CV, as you can see from our high school teacher CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great High School Teacher CV

Keep these tips in mind when preparing a high school teacher CV:

– Skill in imparting knowledge to students is essential for any teacher; include information that reflects this central achievement.
– List all continuing professional education credits, including any that focus on interdisciplinary curriculum development.
– Identify any classroom management techniques relevant to the position.
– State all achievements clearly; similar achievements can be distinguished from one another by emphasizing different problem solving strategies.
– Although you can include more personal information in your CV than would be appropriate in a resume or application, it is not a good idea to include your political or religious views, or other controversial topics.
– Proof your CV carefully, and ask another person to look for typos and other errors that you may have missed.