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Positions in urban planning and transportation engineering are often highly coveted due to the compensation and job security they offer. If you’re a highway engineer looking for work, your chances at landing a new job can increase dramatically if you have the right resources working for you. One such resource is a well-written curriculum vitae. Such a document serves the same purpose as a traditional resume, yet presents your skills and qualifications in a unique way. The highway engineer CV example and writing guidelines given here will get you well on your way to developing your own.

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Brian Blake

45 Roadrunner Way, Atlanta, Georgia 11111

E: bblake@personalemail P: 555-999-1111

Professional Summary

Professional highway engineer with over 12 years of experience in designing, constructing, and maintaining roadways. Have served as assistant to lead highway developer for state Department of Transportation for the last five years. Worked on county Board of Transportation prior to that position, collaborating with state agencies and local developers on roadway projects. Driven, insightful individual who understands the logistics that go into providing mass transportation. Looking to make a difference in local communities by helping to alleviate traffic concerns.

  • -Strong understanding of civil and roadway engineering principles, freeway architecture and design concepts, and federal and state transportation regulations. -Extensive experience in working with environmental and community impact committees as well as contractors. -Skilled in budget and expense analysis. -Recognized as being a strong leader and manager. -Detail- and deadline-oriented.
Work Experience
Assistant Lead Highway Developer
May 2012 – Current

  • Participate in the planning and designing of all of the highway and roadway expansion and renovation projects across the entire state.
  • Personally supervise and manage two different highway expansion projects.
  • Work closely with state and private civil engineers and urban planners to develop community impact estimates.
  • Oversaw roadway improvement analysis reporting which showed that the department’s efforts reduced freeway and highway congestion by 25 percent annually during tenure.
  • Report progress on projects directly to lead highway developer, as well as executive and deputy directors of the state’s Department of Transportation.

Highway Manager
July 2009 – May 2012

  • Worked with county Transportation Board that oversaw highway and roadway development and maintenance.

  • Performed field assessments evaluating land designated for new roads and reviewing damaged roadways in advance of repair projects.

  • Prepared project outlines and budget proposals to be reviewed by county commissioners.

  • Accepted bids and negotiated contracts with local road construction contractors in conjunction the county finance department.

  • Collaborated with other colleagues to conduct annual inspections of the county’s highways and roadways every spring.

Freeway Maintenance Coordinator
September 2005 – June 2009

  • Served as member of state Department of Transportation team tasked with monitoring state freeways and interstate highways for potential traffic impediments.
  • Coordinated with local law enforcement officials to respond to debris buildup following accidents or severe weather events.
  • Collaborated with officials from the National Weather Service to prepare for roadway maintenance in advance of major storms.
  • Supervised the dispatch of snow removal teams during the winter.
  • Participated in budgeting meetings to help allocate the necessary resources to department.

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

College of Engineering and Applied Science-University of Colorado Denver
Denver Colorado
Bachelor of Science in Community and Regional Planning

Iowa State University
Ames Iowa
Hobbies and Interests

Collect vintage colonial-era firearms. Competitive medium- and long-distance runner. Former collegiate wrestler who volunteers as referee for high school matches.

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Highway Engineer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Highway Engineer Do?

Highway engineering is an extension of civil engineering that deals with the maintenance, expansion, and construction of new sections of freeways as well as ramps, overpasses, and exchanges. Highway engineers are typically employed by state agencies, however they also may work for private consulting firms. Their job is to assess proposals and evaluate sites for new projects. Part of this evaluation includes studying the environmental impact of a proposed project, understanding traffic patterns, and analyzing the costs of construction. They also participate in the design and construction of new freeways and roadways, collaborating with private contractors and community leaders. Highway engineers may even be asked to participate in the research and development of new road materials and construction techniques. By understanding the scope of responsibilities that can come with this job, you’re better prepared to use the highway engineer CV example to effectively communicate your qualifications to hiring managers.

Tips for Creating a Great Highway Engineer CV

With the CV example at your side as a resource, you’re ready to create your own employment reference document. As you’re writing, however, remember that even with this tool to guide you, it’s still easy to stray away from the intent of your CV, which is to communicate your skill set in a clear and concise manner. Therefore, try to keep the following advice in mind as you’re creating your document:

– List all relevant work experience, but only include those details that can be applied to the position you’re seeking.
– Organize your content using bullet points, but only include three to five under each section or heading.
– Include all relevant education and training (including certifications, if you have any) back to your undergraduate studies.
– Do not explain why you are leaving your current position.
– Do not rely on spellcheck or other word processing tools to review your document. Re-read it several times to check for errors before submitting it.