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The curriculum vitae you submit to recruiters is your chance at creating a memorable first impression and getting ahead of your competition. With content that is void of unnecessary wordage, formatted carefully, and filled with information about your competency as a candidate, your chances are the highest at getting an interview. This professional HR CV example is a reliable guide to use as you begin articulating your own curriculum vitae. The accompanying tips can serve as a reminder of things to be watchful of so you can confidently submit a polished document.

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Rodney Perkins

345 E Coast Road , Sacramento, CA 11111

E: rodneyp@fastmail P: 555-987-9871

Professional Summary

Passionate HR professional with 10 years of experience in the industry and six years of leadership management. Skilled at managing conflict and developing creative solutions for problems in a timely and effective manner. Confident communicator with keen negotiation skills to ensure agreed-upon outcomes are beneficial for all parties involved. Proven organizational and multitasking skills and an enthusiastic personality to create a comfortable, efficient, and lively work environment. Dedication to upholding a superior level of integrity, professionalism, and ethical behavior to guarantee the protection of the organization’s reputation and the fair treatment of the employees.

  • -Competent communicator and confident presenter to guarantee new hires receive the information they need in a way that is concise, informative, and entertaining -Skilled at multitasking and maintaining an organized workspace to expedite processes and eliminate problems related to lack of follow-up -Proven leadership experience with a keen understanding of organizational behavior and what is required to motivate employees and maintain their enthusiasm for organizational goals -Strong understanding of the importance of ethical practices, integrity, and confidentiality when dealing with sensitive personal or organizational data -Enthusiastic team player with an interest in people and a willingness to contribute to common objectives for the most successful outcomes
Work Experience
Assistant HR Manager
2010 – present

  • Coordinate job interviews between candidates and hiring managers including dates, times, locations, and logistics (when necessary)
  • Direct new hires through the hiring process from inputting personal information, to assigning keycards and building access, to assigning trainings
  • Participate in the weekly trainings required for new hires and instruct on such policies as benefits, the employee code of conduct, and organizational goals and vision statement
  • Manage the record keeping and filing of all new employee information in a way that is ethical, confidential, and organized

HR Associate
2007 – 2010

  • Scheduled meetings and interviews for upper levels of HR management for departmental discussions, corporate meetings, and new hires

  • Kept meeting minutes for departmental discussions taking place on a bi-monthly basis to set goals, assess progress, and brainstorm new organizational ideas

  • Managed administrative duties ranging from answering phone calls, facilitating employee requests, assisting with payroll, planning events, and helping to train new hires as needed

HR Intern
2006 – 2007

  • Assisted in re-writing nearly 300 job descriptions to reflect changes in policies, pay structures, and benefits packages
  • Presented in four monthly discussions on topics related to HR, including tolerance, ethical behavior, confidentiality, and employee motivation

Masters in Organizational Behavior

University of California
Bachelor of Science in Business

University of California
Hobbies and Interests

I am an assistant professor at a local high school where I teach students about human resources and its role in corporate success. I enjoy volunteering at the local boys and girls club where I coach youth soccer. I am passionate about anything outdoors and am part of a kayaking club.

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HR CV Must-Haves

What Does HR Do?

HR professionals are involved in a variety of critical tasks that enable organizations to function smoothly, ethically, and successfully. These responsibilities include finding reliable job candidates, training new hires, developing and modifying trainings, and identifying career paths for employees to follow. You may also find yourself establishing payroll structures and benefits packages, and dealing with employee requests for information regarding their personal compensation. Other responsibilities include helping to coordinate events, creating departmental goals, conflict mediation, and creative problem solving. With this HR CV example to follow, you will know what skills to include in your curriculum vitae including communication, negotiation, time management, organization, and integrity among others.

Tips for Creating a Great HR CV

The following are important tips to consider when putting together your HR curriculum vitae:

– Begin each sentence in your Skills section with an action verb that reflects your HR expertise. Some examples include: managed, established, coordinated, resolved, developed, and created.
– Use metrics wherever possible to define the impact you made in previous jobs. Doing so creates a visual description rather than leaving recruiters with a vague statement.
– Don’t skip any sections of your CV. Each section provides crucial details to recruiters in their quest to identify your competency and qualifications.
– Look for keywords in the HR job description you are applying for. Spread these throughout your curriculum vitae to demonstrate firsthand, your understanding of the industry and the job you are applying for.