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Landing a job in a complex nursing area, such as a critical care unit, often requires years of experience. Yet simply having that experience often isn’t enough to put you at the top of a candidate pool. Supporting your experience with a well-written curriculum vitae, on the other hand, just may be. A CV functions like a resume in conveying your skills, yet omits information hiring managers often don’t need to see. Here you’ll find an ICU nurse CV example to use as a reference when creating your own document, along with writing tips to help optimize your information.

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Joy Johnson

2563 Sunshine Way, Orlando, Florida 11111

E: jjohnson@email P: 555-444-6666

Professional Summary

Registered nurse with over 25 years of experience working in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and assisted living. Licensed with the state nursing board. Have worked as charge nurse and care coordinator on multiple units. Familiar with general treatment protocols as well as those used in emergency medicine. Have been focusing continuing education on critical care during the last three years in preparation for this move into a new treatment area. Hope to continue to provide exceptional support for nurse management staff and mentoring for less-experienced employees in this new role.

  • -Expert understanding of trauma and pediatric care protocols, with a strong knowledge of critical care guidelines. -Recognized as being an excellent communicator with an empathetic bedside manner. -Able to remain calm under pressure and receive and retain instruction well in tense situations. -Work well as a member of a team and always look to exceed expectations while helping others to meet theirs. -In good physical condition and able to assist in the ambulation and transport of patients.
Work Experience
Trauma Care Coordinator
April 2014 – Current

  • Manage all incoming trauma calls for emergency department in local medical center.
  • Supervise the formation of trauma team in advance of patient arrival.
  • Coordinate with doctors and surgeons to arrange admissions to facility or transfers to other providers.

Emergency Department Nurse
July 2001 – April 2014

  • Assisted emergency department doctors and other nursing staff to deliver treatment to patients.

  • Ordered laboratory and pathological tests, imaging studies, respiratory treatments, and surgical consultations and performed support services as ordered by the ED doctor.

  • Served as the unit charge nurse for three years.

Pediatric Unit Nurse
August 1994 – July 2001

  • Served as member of nursing team that cared for patients in inpatient pediatric unit.
  • Coordinated care with the admitting and attending physicians in accordance with each patients’ treatment plan.
  • Named LPN manager in the fall of 1999.

Certified Nursing Assistant
January 1992 – August 1994

  • Worked to help provide for the care of residents at a local assisted living center.
  • Assisted facility nurse in preparing and administering patient medications under the direction of the facility’s pharmacy director.
  • Helped residents prepare for activities, maintain clean living environments, and complete daily physical activities.

Registered Nurse

Florida Board of Nursing
Tallahassee Florida
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

College of Nursing-University of Central Florida
Orlando Florida
Hobbies and Interests

Former member of ballet company that still instructs students privately in free time. Competitive runner with three first-place and eight top-10 age group finishes to credit. Enjoy summer camping trips and water sports.

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ICU Nurse CV Must-Haves

What Does an ICU Nurse Do?

While the treatment plans of patients placed in intensive and critical care units are determined by doctors, their execution is handled primarily by the nursing staff. An ICU nurse delivers care according to the treatment plan while monitoring patient cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory performance at all times. As a patient admitted to an ICU can see his or her condition become life-threatening in a single moment, ICU nurses are expected to be able to deliver life-saving interventions if needed. For patients unable to care themselves, ICU nurses may also be asked to place and monitor urinary catheters or feeding and tracheotomy tubes. They are also expected to have an understanding of end-of-life issues, such as advance directives. Knowing all of these responsibilities helps to better prepare you to use the ICU nurse CV example provided to highlight your applicable skills and experience to hiring managers.

Tips for Creating a Great ICU Nurse CV

You want your focus to be on maintaining a professional tone throughout your CV. That goal can become more difficult to meet the more you try to personalize your document. However, your CV also shouldn’t be a carbon copy of the example included nor others you may written in the past. To keep your message on point while not sounding robotic, keep the following tips in mind:

– Customize your CV to the job you are applying for.
– Highlight any leadership roles you may have assumed in the past as employers value such skills even in non-managerial positions.
– List all degrees and certifications you may hold that apply to the position you’re seeking, stopping short of including your high school education.
– Avoid including anything in your CV that could be viewed as controversial, such as your political views or religious beliefs.
– Don’t make salary or benefit demands in your CV as such issues will be addressed in your interview.