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When applying for an internship, your curriculum vita tells employers everything they need to know about your professional history and qualifications. Employers have specific expectations for your CV, however, which means that you should always follow the standard formatting rules. It is important to include the right sections, appropriate content, and the proper amount of information. This internship CV example and writing guide explains the entire process of creating a CV and includes helpful writing tips to help you get started. Learn how to create a CV that will catch the attention of readers.

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Michael Luster

780 Lancaster Street, San Diego, CA 11111

E: P:555-853-9621

Professional Summary

Committed and professional administrative student with history working in an office. Familiar with normal operational practices and able to keep up and contribute. Extensive immersion working in customer service developing communication skills and more than five years working experience. Loyal and dedicated candidate that utilizes skills gained from previous experiences to learn and improve on a daily basis.

  • -Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and experience applying communication techniques in a professional environment -Attention to small details and strong critical thinking and decision making skills -Familiar with sales techniques to maximize upselling and increasing profits -Experienced in establishing connections and building relationships to encourage return business -Technology native with intimate computer knowledge and operational skills
Work Experience
Administrative Assistant Intern
2016 to 2017

  • Fill administrative duties as needed, following directions carefully and precisely.
  • Take initiative to learn all aspects of operational practices and implement them in my own work.
  • Answer calls, communicate with clients and customers, build relationships, and answer inquiries in an efficient manner.
  • Fulfill small requests on a daily basis as quickly as possible in order to return to work.

Phone Technician
2014 to 2016

  • Placed calls to potential customers, implementing sales techniques to increase profits.

  • Followed seasonal upselling instructions closely.

  • Created permanent relationships with customers to encourage repeat business in the future.

  • Improved personal sales record on three occasions, increasing a total of 25 percent.

Customer Service Team Member
2010 to 2014

  • Interacted with customers for multiple hours every day developing exceptional sales and communication skills.
  • Followed instructions closely to ensure mistakes were not made.
  • Performed stocking and rotating inventory duties, keeping close records of inventory.
  • Mastered customer service skills and became knowledgeable in defusing angry customer situations.
  • Led sales numbers for more than 15 percent of sales periods.

Bachelor of Communication

University of San Diego
Master in Business Administration Candidate

University of San Diego
Hobbies and Interests

I like to spend my free time travelling and enjoy immersing myself in different cultures. I also try to run on a daily basis and play soccer occasionally, all in an effort to remain physically fit. When I have time, I volunteer my time with charity events.

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Internship CV Must-Haves

What Does an Internship Do?

An internship is a great opportunity to gain working experience in a particular field. Those seeking employment may run into the problem of not being hired due to a lack of experience, which may lead to the inability to gain experience due to unemployment. Entering an internship solves this problem by providing entry-level experience without the high qualifications. However, this does not mean that an internship CV is any less important. Just like when applying for a job, employers want to see a CV for internship applications and standing out is a huge advantage. Internships can be attained in nearly any field, and interns are given a taste of the responsibilities that a full employee would have, usually with added minor administrative duties. This internship CV example shows specific strategies that are particularly helpful when writing a CV for an internship.

Tips for Creating a Great Internship CV

These simple writing tips will supplement the sample CV by giving you advice about the formatting and technicality of writing a CV:
– Do your best with the employment section. This is normally the most important section with the most information, but it can be difficult to fill it out when writing a CV for an internship. Employers understand that applicants will have less working experience, so it is acceptable to include fewer jobs or jobs with less relevance.
– The bullet points that you do include in your work history section should each begin with a strong action verb. Be sure that you list jobs starting with the most recent and go in reverse chronological order.
– While it is normally not acceptable to do so, an internship CV can have a greater focus on schooling and academic accomplishments.
– Do not create a CV that is too long or short. Your target length should be to fill one page completely. It can be hurtful to go over, but an internship CV has more leeway on being shorter.