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Maximize the effectiveness of your job search by drafting a top-notch CV that will catch employers’ attention. Make your job application stand out by calling attention to the abilities and experiences that make you a great candidate. See the rules of good CV writing in action when you examine our IT team leader CV example. For some more clarification, take a look at the included writing advice. These materials will set you on the way to coming up with your own standout CV and getting the IT team leader job you want.

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Sarah Connor

8943 Jerome Avenue, Forrest, NY 11111

E. P. 555-982-4687

Professional Summary

High-achieving IT team leader with proven record of timely and high-quality delivery. Effective leader and efficient delegator. Able to motivate team members and help them achieve their best. Experienced IT professional with thorough understanding of business goals and requirements. Flexible communicator who prioritizes cooperation in achieving goals. Organized and detail-oriented, excels at methodical planning and implementation of projects. Motivated and hardworking, always goes the extra mile to deliver optimal results. Proficient in knowledge of current hardware and software. Committed to keeping professional education current by staying abreast of cutting-edge developments in the IT field.

  • -Focused, creative problem solver -Effective leader who excels at motivating team members -Understands business and marketing principles -Proficient in coming up with technological solutions -Great oral and written communication -Highly organized and hardworking -Detail-oriented multitasker with ability to keep big picture in mind -Top performer who delivers consistently superlative results
Work Experience
IT Team Leader
September 2013 – Present

  • Coordinate technical support for users throughout the company.
  • Supervise installation of hardware and software.
  • Troubleshoot problems with network functions.
  • Upgrade and adapt existing systems as necessary.
  • Configure and maintain networked hardware.
  • Work with users to understand requirements.
  • Produce training materials for non-technical users.
  • Recommend changes and updates in technology use.
  • Analyze user data to identify areas for further improvement in IT services.

IT Team Leader
April 2009 – September 2013

  • Provided desktop and remote support for users at branches across the state.

  • Supervised troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures.

  • Set up printers and other hardware.

  • Worked with senior management to implement new technologies.

  • Trained users in the use of software.

  • Recommended technology upgrades or innovations based on business goals.

  • Hired, trained, and supervised IT staff.

Senior IT Technician
June 2006 – March 2008

  • Served as point person for troubleshooting.
  • Planned and implemented hardware and software testing procedures.
  • Installed and configured hardware and software.
  • Met with managers to define technological solutions for business goals.
  • Maintained documentation for installations and upgrades.

Master in Information Systems Management

State University
Bachelor in Business Administration

State University
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter and trail hiking in the summer. Serve as a STEM educational project coordinator at neighborhood youth center.

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IT Team Leader CV Must-Haves

What Does an IT Team Leader Do?

An IT team leader is responsible for the operations of an IT department. This is a management position that requires you to direct and assess staff members’ performance. As a leader, you will need the skills to motivate your team and build cohesion. The IT department’s function includes routine support for networked devices and software, as well as troubleshooting and training users. In addition to scheduling and planning regular tasks, you will lead major projects as necessary. These may include installing new technologies or upgrading existing ones. As the leader, you will take the initiative to research and recommend relevant emerging technologies. In addition to a high level of technical proficiency, a good understanding of business goals will help you deliver the results top executives expect. As our IT team leader CV example shows, do include “soft” skills like communication, as they are vital to success in this position.

Tips for Creating a Great IT Team Leader CV

Now that you have seen our CV example, you are ready to begin perfecting your own CV. To take your CV to the next level, review and apply the following tips:

– Check your contact information to make sure it is current and complete. Without an accurate phone number and e-mail, interested employers will have no way to reach you. While you are at it, also check your e-mail address and voicemail greeting to ensure that both are appropriate and professional.
– Use reverse chronological order to organize your work experience, listing your current or most recent employment first.
– When you are applying for a position that is both technical and managerial, your people skills are no less important than your technical accomplishments. Make sure to include the characteristics that make you a good leader as well as those that make you an expert IT professional.
– Using bullet points to set off your responsibilities, skills, and accomplishments is a useful trick for making them stand out while achieving a professional look for your CV.