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When you’re applying for a job, you want to make sure that your CV presents your experience and qualifications in the best light to encourage the recruiter to call you in for an interview. Our professional maintenance supervisor CV example includes comprehensive Work History and Skills sections, as well as a strong Professional Summary. Once you’ve crafted your own personalized CV, use the helpful tips included in this guide to tighten your writing and ensure your final copy will stand out from the competition.

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Patricia Smith

1109 Spartan Avenue, Denver, Colorado 11111

E: patricia.m.smith@anymail T: 555-374-9912

Professional Summary

Dedicated maintenance supervisor with extensive professional knowledge and proven track record of improving work efficiency, employee morale, and client satisfaction. Excellent problem-solving and organizational skills to develop solutions and timelines to optimize resources on each project. Expert-level proficiency with computerized project management tools, modern repair equipment, and effective leadership techniques.

  • ?Excellent leadership skills to effectively monitor team members and provide helpful, encouraging feedback to improve performance.?Extensive knowledge of building systems, including installation, maintenance, and repair of mechanical equipment and components.?Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, Access, SAP, WorkTech MAXIMO, CMMS, and Microsoft SharePoint.?Friendly and encouraging personality to inspire confidence in team members and interact positively with clients.?Strong decision-making and organizational skills to understand project goals and manage resources to meet targets as efficiently as possible.
Work Experience
Maintenance Supervisor

  • Create schedules and assignments for numerous maintenance activities according to client requirements, task priority, equipment availability, and technician skill level.
  • Monitor work areas and equipment to ensure compliance with safety standards and inclusion of best practice procedures.
  • Oversee requisition of supplies, materials, and equipment according to project requirements and safety rules.
  • Implement new annual review standards to reward employees according to several metrics, increasing morale and resulting in overall improvement of work quality and efficiency.

Maintenance Team Leader

  • Served as point of contact for maintenance technicians and facilities managers to improve coordination during maintenance projects and increase work efficiency.

  • Assisted facilities and maintenance technicians as necessary to ensure compliance with deadlines and quality standards.

  • Developed and implemented new scheduling tool to allow team members to trade shifts directly, reducing the number of minimal-manning incidents and improving employee morale.

Apprentice Mechanical Systems Maintenance Technician

  • Assisted senior maintenance technicians with all installation, repair, and routine service tasks for building mechanical systems.
  • Completed on-the-job rotational training system with HVAC specialists, electricians, plumbers, and maintenance planners to gain comprehensive overview of all relevant systems.
  • Praised by managers for quick learning ability and positive attitude, and received offer for full-time employment following apprenticeship.

Part-Time Landscape Technician

  • Performed landscaping tasks, such as mowing, pruning, watering, and fertilizing to improve aesthetic of outdoor areas according to client specifications.
  • Suggested changes in location and type of foliage to improve appearance as well as reduce water requirement.
  • Reminded clients of annual tasks such as winterizing and aerating, and scheduled services to optimize efficiency of company resources and personnel.

Certificate of Building Management Principles

University of California Continuing Education Global Campus
Mechanical Systems Apprenticeship

Integrated Maintenance
Inc. Colorado
Hobbies and Interests

Read extensively, especially nonfiction and biographies. Enjoy cooking and entertaining. Training to compete in my first triathlon this year.

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Maintenance Supervisor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Maintenance Supervisor Do?

Maintenance supervisors manage the upkeep of individual buildings or large complexes, including scheduling and directing repairs and installations. As a supervisor, you may be required to assist mechanics and technical personnel in completing maintenance tasks on time. You may also serve as a liaison between technical and repair personnel and other building managers, including electricians, landscapers, janitors, and employees. As you can see in the maintenance supervisor CV example, you should highlight your knowledge of mechanical systems, installation methods, and repair procedures. It’s also important to showcase your interpersonal skills so recruiters know you can effectively manage personnel and ensure high-quality work. In most cases, a maintenance supervisor job will include a fair amount of physical work and interaction with other people, so make sure your Skills section discusses your ability to accomplish necessary tasks and communicate effectively.

Tips for Creating a Great Maintenance Supervisor CV

If you want to take your writing to the next level and ensure an engaging final copy, take a look at these tips:

– Start each bullet in your Work History section with a specific verb, using present tense for your current job and past tense for previous positions. Good action words for maintenance supervisors include oversaw, inspected, repaired, organized, and managed.
– Make sure your Education section includes formal degrees, professional certificates, and on-the-job training or apprenticeship information.
– Use an easy-to-read font no smaller than 10pt, and format your CV for A4 paper. Convert your final draft to a PDF document to check that the formatting still looks good and the page breaks don’t leave single lines of text.
– Avoid mentioning anything that could be considered controversial or unprofessional, such as reasons you left previous jobs, and religious or political hobbies.