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Writing a curriculum vitae is a challenge for most people, even if they have written one before. It’s also an important part of the hiring process because it is one of the first impressions employers get. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the task, though. In fact, consulting a management CV example is a great way to better understand the conventions of a CV and what should be included in yours. By referencing a CV and modeling yours after it, you can be confident in the results and go after the management positions you are interested in.

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Jeremy Adams

5534 201st St.,Newtonville, WI 11111

T: 555-453-0184 E:

Professional Summary

Extensive experience in management throughout prior work history. Focused ability to unite a team, meet objectives, and retain personnel. Particularly skilled in managing projects and specialized initiatives as well as overseeing staff ranging in size from several members to dozens of personnel. Prior experience developing and implementing training protocol for company programs. Worked with high-ranking clients to develop directives for team, train team members in proper protocol, and track team’s progress towards attaining the objectives of clients’ directives.

  • -Exemplary ability to lead groups -Proficient in budgeting for projects and companies -Superior ability to solve problems innovatively -Excellent written and verbal communication skills -Attention to detail throughout all tasks
Work Experience
Operations Manager
October 2014-Present

  • Oversee day to day functions of the company by connecting with other management staff, assessing performance, and proactively solving problems.
  • Investigate and resolve incidents or complaints that may arise internally from staff or externally from customers and clients of the company.
  • Develop policies and procedures for the betterment of the company and individual departments within the company.

Training Manager
June 2012-October 2012

  • Worked in partnership with departmental managers and clients to develop training techniques that fit company objectives and effectively imparted skills to staff.

  • Consulted with management staff and personnel in order to gauge the results of training and develop new materials for continual improvement.

Project Supervisor
December 2011-June 2012

  • Established and maintained continual communication with project’s client to provide updates, receive directives, and track progress.
  • Ensured overall profitability of project by conducting research, budgeting optimally, and completing objectives within a reasonable time frame.
  • Identified any potential problems that may arise and proactively developed resolutions in order to maintain progress of the project.

Certificate in Project Management

Master of Business Administration

Fleming Graduate School of Business
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy extending my professional skills into my personal life by hosting resume workshops at the local employment center and training job seekers in interview skills. I also seek out professional development opportunities whenever I am able and invest in my fitness in my spare time. I accomplish the latter by jogging regularly and running in marathons. I am most passionate about using my time to help others, though, through volunteer work at the local shelter for families.

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Management CV Must-Haves

What Does Management Do?

Management is primarily responsible for supervising and directing tasks to be carried out by a team. Though duties will depend on what kind of management position you are applying for, you can generally expect to be focused on problem-solving, coordinating communication, and identifying the actions necessary to achieving goals. Managers are also responsible for developing these goals by assessing the needs of the department or company they are working in and strategizing the best ways to fulfill those needs. Management should maintain positive communication with the rest of their staff, too, and address any concerns expressed either by staff or clients. You can express your ability to offer all of these qualifications and more by consulting our management CV example and modeling yours after the sample and tips we have provided.

Tips for Creating a Great Management CV

If you’ve reviewed the above example of a CV for a management position and you’re still looking for some advice on how to create yours, these tips offer additional insight. Take them into consideration as you begin drafting your CV:
– Do describe your management skills in a range of possible applications and contexts so readers get an impression of your skills’ adaptability.
– Don’t focus too much on any one facet of your management experience.
– Do include examples of how you have displayed exemplary management skills in the past and the impact it has had.
– Don’t make general statements about your qualifications without supporting them with examples or evidence in the form of your work history.
– Do emphasize the highlight of your CV so a reader can easily see your most important qualifications.
– Don’t describe your experience with jargon and terminology that would be confusing to somebody outside of the industry you are seeking a job in.