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A well-written curriculum vitae is the key to getting selected for job interviews. With the right tools and tips, anyone can create an exceptional CV that catches hiring managers’ attention. The more hiring managers you impress, the more interviews you land. Here, you can find a comprehensive medical secretary CV example designed to show you how a CV should be formatted, what sections should be included, and the best areas on which to place emphasis. The tips that follow will also provide you with helpful information to use while writing your CV to make it stand out among other applicants.
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Athena Monday

6607 Six Mile Rd , Comstock Park, MI 49999

E: T: 616-666-1723

Professional Summary

Skilled medical student with honors-level performances and competitive ranking in the top 20 in class. Attended the University of Michigan medical school. Undergraduate work in biotech. Also hold a master’s degree in microbiology. Medical experience includes three years’ of work as an EMT while attending school.

    ? Strong problem-solving skills, especially when dealing with complications that involve discerning subtle patterns or trends.? Expert experience and practice with first aid and emergency procedures, provided by past work experience and EMT training.? Patient and communicative, interpersonal communication skills as developed in teaching and mentorship settings and reinforced through practice as a first responder.? Excellent understanding of pharmacology and the chemistry that underlies the use of medication.? Professional education and training in the investigation of disease processes at the cellular level.
Work Experience
Emergency Medical Technician-
August 2010 – August 2012

Life Ambulance Services

  • Acted as a first responder in a variety of emergency medical situations, including cardiac arrest and trauma.
  • Provided first aid and stabilizing care to a variety of patients while documenting their vital stats and reporting to other medical professionals.
  • Coordinated the transfer of patients to care facilities to ensure they had access to full medical care as appropriate for their emergency needs.

June 2006 – August 2010

YMCA of Grand Rapids

  • Monitored pool area for safety concerns and communicated feedback to pool users to help them keep safe.

  • Provided emergency first aid response and rescue as needed to swimmers experiencing trouble in the pool.

  • Delivered expert instruction to new and intermediate swimmers in class settings.

Volunteer – YMCA of Grand Rapids
June 2004 – June 2006

  • Assisted with childcare and youth instruction classes.
  • Performed cleaning tasks as necessary throughout the facility.
  • Worked to ensure a positive experience for all every day.


Butterworth Hospital
Grand Rapids MI
Medical School

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor MI
Hobbies and Interests

In addition to my work in medicine, I also enjoy swimming competitively and cycling for recreation. I travel to attend several competitive events each year for swimming. I also volunteer my services at a local women’s shelter two nights a week and financially support the local shelter as I am able to do so, even if that means participating in fundraisers instead of donating to them.

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Medical Student CV Must-Haves

What Does a Medical Student Do?

Medical students are those currently participating in medical schooling programs throughout the United States with the intention of graduating to practice medicine as physicians. This includes both those who are currently attending classes and those in the post-schooling professionalization phase. Medical students include those completing their internships and those still in residency, although the latter are also considered doctors in their own right.

Medical students receive varying levels of responsibility as they work through the various levels of training involved in pursuing a career practicing medicine, beginning in the third year of school and progressing through both the internship and residency phases. Fully-trained doctors who complete their residency are then free to continue seeking hospital employment or to go into private practice. Keep this career progression in mind as you look at the medical student CV example

Tips for Creating a Great Medical Student CV

Here are some tips you can use as you work on sharpening your CV. Be sure to remember these tips when looking at the medical student CV example, too:

– Focus on highlighting practical experience that underpins your academic achievements.
– Remember that Match Day is a competitive process and highlight both your practical achievements and the academic credentials that will fit you with your goal institutions.
– Keep in mind that as a student, you are not necessarily expected to have a wide field of experience in medicine. Focus on showing other skills that will support your training.
– Use action words to lead sentences and head up bullet points to make your CV more engaging to a reader.
– Practice writing your professional summary several times and return to revise it until it is as concise and detailed as possible.
– Remember that your CV tells a story about your goals and experience and work on making sure that story fits the ending you have in mind as you think about your internship or residency.


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