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Every year, corporations and organizations collectively spend billions on new projects. Given the investment made in these initiatives, companies value the skills that monitoring and evaluation officers employ to help stakeholders follow a project’s progress. Since such positions are highly coveted, competition for them is likely to be high. If you’re hoping to secure one, a curriculum vitae may be just the resource you need. As you can see in the monitoring and evaluation officer CV example included below, this document will help prospective employers see how qualified you are for such a position.
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Danielle Danvers

8624 Right Way, Tacoma, Washington 11111

E: ddanvers@youremail P: 555-111-1111

Professional Summary

Professional monitoring and evaluation officer with eight years of experience dedicated to tracking and reporting. Three years of prior experience in management developing performance metrics. Professional experience and education have helped to develop a comprehensive view of the productivity process, including how to accurately measure progress beyond simply reporting numbers. Recognized in the past for having a unique understanding of how to identify areas outperforming expectations as well as those that need improvement, and looking to employ those skills to help further the progress of another professional organization.

    -Expert-level understanding of performance evaluation, including the assessment of metrics, comparative analysis, and future projections based off of improvement. -Familiar with data mining applications used to retrieve information for analysis, as well as electronic reporting tools. -Excellent oral and written communication skills, evidenced by comfort in sharing and interpreting report data with managers and preparing statements to be reviewed by stakeholders. -Recognized by employees as being empathetic and helpful in understanding their evaluations. -Organized and detailed in all aspects of work.
Work Experience
Evaluation Analyst
March 2012 – Current

  • Manage the productivity monitoring of regional sales and client relations staff for national inventory management solutions provider.
  • Work as a liaison between executive team and department managers in communicating employee expectations in light of new corporate initiatives.
  • Develop training criteria based on metrics used to track employee progress and instruct employees on how they are being monitored in order to maintain transparency.
  • Collect financial, production, and employee performance data on a weekly basis to be stored in enterprise data warehouse.
  • Prepare and evaluate performance reports with executives to help track progress towards company goals.

Report Manager
July 2009 – March 2012

  • Tasked with mining information from enterprise data warehouse and using it to design production reports.

  • Utilized several different query languages, including SSP and SQL, to create logic to pull the data used to populate reports sent out through automated portal.

  • Worked closely with the managers of four departments to understand what information was to be used to evaluate productivity.

  • Interpreted the results of report for managers and executives whenever necessary.

  • Maintained report portal in conjunction with software solutions development team.

Area Supervisor
August 2006 – July 2009

  • Oversaw department of 11 employees tasked with managing customer service complaints.
  • Coordinated with client services managers to understand the nature of complaints before assigning cases to employees.
  • Monitored the number of cases received and returned by employees on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
  • Used information seen in reports and practices witnessed personally to develop performance metrics used in annual employee evaluations.
  • Recognized by employees to managers as being consistently fair when conducting assessments.

Bachelor of Science in Statistics

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences-Portland State University
Portland Oregon

Hobbies and Interests

Minored in musical theater in college and have starred in several local playhouse productions. Enjoy interior design and remodeling.

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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Do?

In order to present yourself as the ideal candidate for a position, you must first understand the general duties that come with it. This allows you to use the monitoring and evaluation officer CV example provided here to showcase your skills in way that convinces a prospective employer that you are its best option for filling its job opening. Monitoring and evaluation officers are often brought on by an organization after having implemented new corporate initiatives or sweeping changes in order to see how the workforce is adapting. Such professionals are often asked to create reports and other tracking tools so managers and executives can see where employee or departmental progress stands at any given moment. Typically, monitoring and evaluation officers are also expected to work with supervisors to develop performance metrics. They may also work with technical professionals to store and retrieve information from corporate databases.

Tips for Creating a Great Monitoring and Evaluation Officer CV

The purpose of your CV is to effectively introduce yourself to an employer before the interview process begins. After reading it, a hiring manager should already have a good idea of who you are and how well you might fit into the role being hired for. To make sure this happens, keep the following writing guidelines in mind while creating your CV:

– Present everything in a clear and concise manner. Organize your information using bullet points, and be careful not to include any information not relevant to the job you’re applying for.
– Check your completed document for “widows and orphans.” These are paragraphs whose first or last sentence starts on or runs onto a proceeding or prior page.
– Review your CV for errors multiple times before submitting it.
– Don’t list salary expectations or other topics that can be addressed in an interview.
– Don’t list your high school education unless the job you’re seeking specifically requests it.


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