Multimedia Designer CV Example


If you are on the hunt for a new job, you can significantly increase your chance of success by creating a strong CV designed to catch the attention of employers. Your curriculum vitae is a simple document that contains information about your work history, professional traits and skills, qualifications, and education. It is designed to be a single package that tells employers everything they need to know in order to make their decision. However, there are high expectations for the format and content of a CV, so you should review this multimedia designer CV example before beginning.

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Chris Macklin

8625 Heart Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 11111

E: P: 555-418-7536

Professional Summary

Flexible and talented artist capable of delivering a variety of artwork creations in multiple differing art forms. Dedicated and professional approach to multimedia design. Nearly 10 years of professional studio work and more than 15 years of experience, including freelance artist work. A candidate who prioritizes communication with clients and other artists to ensure all requirements are met quickly and efficiently. Experience in management and leadership.

  • -Longtime artist with extensive knowledge in painting, illustration, digital art, and photography -Dedicated and professional approach to art creation -Strong communication skills, both written, oral, and interpersonal, to coordinate with other artists -Experienced with all industry standard creative software -Organized and developed administrative abilities
Work Experience
Multimedia Designer
2015 to present

  • Create paintings and background illustrations daily, following client guidelines and supervisor suggestions.
  • Make changes, revisions, and corrections at clients’ request quickly and efficiently.
  • Communicate with other artists to facilitate effective cooperation and collaboration.
  • Guide new artists to get them up to speed with the creation process and ensure they begin working efficiently.
  • Deliver content to clients and receive feedback, taking the time to communicate this information throughout the studio.
  • Maintains 95 percent client satisfaction rate.

3D Artist
2012 to 2015

  • Worked in industry standard software to create 3D artwork and assets.

  • Integrated other artists’ 2D assets into 3D creations effectively.

  • Altered creations of other artists, making minor changes to maximize client satisfaction.

  • Created textures and applied them to 3D creations seamlessly.

2008 to 2012

  • Applied standard painting techniques to quickly create large illustrations and backgrounds.
  • Collaborated with other painters on single artwork.
  • Organized client specifications and explained them to other artists.
  • Ensured clients were satisfied and facilitated corrections throughout the studio if requests were made.

Master of Art in Multimedia Design Candidate

University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Art

University of Oklahoma
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy practicing painting and illustrating, as well as experimenting with new art forms. I also travel when I have the time and enjoy immersing myself in different cultures. In order to stay active, I run on a daily basis and play soccer and basketball.

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Multimedia Designer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Multimedia Designer Do?

Multimedia designers are tasked with many different responsibilities, meaning the job title has a bit of variety. In the broadest sense, multimedia designers create art content of more than one art form. If an artist in a studio both paints and creates digital art, they may be called a multimedia designer. Alternatively, multimedia designers may not be artists at all and are instead tasked with coordinating multiple types of artists on one project. Regardless, they must have a strong understanding of the disciplines for whichever types of art they deal with. Because of the variable aspect of the job, it is important that you review the job posting closely before applying. To improve your chances, specialize your CV for each unique position you apply for. This will make you seem like a better fit. The above multimedia designer CV example exemplified what this may look like.

Tips for Creating a Great Multimedia Designer CV

The above example helped you learn what a CV may look like, but these writing tips provide a more in-depth guide to writing:
– Do focus on your experience section. This should include the strongest information and should be the longest section. Employers are especially interested in the information found here, so do not neglect it.
– Do not let your CV get too long. The standard CV is already longer than a resume, so if it gets too long, employers will be less likely to read all the way through. Your goal should be one full page without bleeding onto a second page.
– Do include keywords from the job description in your CV. Not only does this make it clear that you reviewed the posting closely, it strengthens the impression that you are perfect for the job.
– List your experiences beginning with the most recent and going backwards. Begin each bullet point with a strong action verb that demonstrates what you were actively doing when working in that position.