Nursing CV Example


If you hope to garner attention for your nursing skills to land a job in your field, you must create a strong CV that details your skills, knowledge, experience and accomplishments in nursing. We have designed a sample CV to help you come up with ideas for your own. Use this nursing CV example as well as the included tips for writing an excellent CV to fill in your professional summary, work experience, education and more.

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Jane Smith

1234 Kimberly Avenue,Los Angeles, CA 11111

E: P: 555-123-4567

Professional Summary

Skilled nurse with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Professional who has helped babies, children, and adults of all ages. Exceptional at making patients feel comfortable in my care. Reliable team player who has worked in a range of nursing environments, including hospitals and private practices. Excelled at managing a staff of other nurses in a high-paced emergency environment. Compassionate and understanding enough to work with a wide range of patients.

  • – Excellent active listening skills that allow me to fully comprehend what patients and doctors are saying, answer questions when necessary, and relay information between patient and doctor. – Social perception skills that allow me to pick up on patients’ and doctors’ non-verbal reactions to information or diagnosis and respond accordingly. – Strong organizational abilities that lead to detailed, well-written medical reports that are easy for the doctor to read. – Oral communication skills to patiently and compassionately explain medical information to patients. – Sensitivity to problems that may arise during treatment and the ability to adjust my own actions or help the doctor or patients adjust theirs so that treatment can continue.
Education and Training
Chief Nurse
August 2015 – Present

  • Led a team of five other nurses in operating as a team of assistants for emergency room doctors by recording patient information, administering medication, and taking note of any side effects or changes in symptoms.
  • Maintained accurate and detailed patient reports to provide to other nurses and doctors who would be working with a patient.
  • Coordinated with a healthcare team to assess, implement, reevaluate and change patient care plans as necessary.

Pediatric Nurse
September 2011 – August 2015

  • Maintained a list of vital signs, symptoms, and allergies for each pediatric patient, reevaluating and editing it as necessary.

  • Discussed diagnosis and treatment options in a positive and patient manner with the patient’s legal guardians.

  • Assisted the physician with diagnostic testing procedures, analyzed results and administered treatment based on results.

January 2005 – September 2011

  • Cared for patients by administering medications, managing IV lines and providing emotional support for them and their families.
  • Educated patients about nutritional plans and disease management for their medical conditions.
  • Observed and recorded patients’ conditions and communicated observations to their doctors.


The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

The Ohio State University College of Nursing
Hobbies & Interests

I spend much of my free time volunteering at a local support group for people who are trying to get prescription pain pill addiction under control. When I am not working or volunteering, I enjoy visiting the many museums and music venues in Los Angeles as well as spending afternoons at the beach. I enjoy dachshunds and own two of them that take up lots of my time.

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Nursing CV Must-Haves

What Does a Nurse Do?

Nurses are responsible for maintaining accurate and detailed records of patients’ health conditions and doctors’ prescribed courses of treatments. They interact closely with patients to determine symptoms, administer medication and deliver treatment news. Nurses monitor and record vital statistics as well as changes when the patient receives medication. They are responsible for communicating and coordinating with other members of the healthcare team to assess the patient’s condition, plan new treatments and implement those treatments. Nurses use strong social interaction skills to pick up on patients’ comfort levels and adjust their treatment accordingly. Learn how to include your most relevant skills in your CV with the help of our nursing CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great Nursing CV

Keep these tips in mind as you write your nursing CV:

– Your work experience helps potential employers to see how experienced you are, so highlight positions in which you took on increased responsibility for an employer.
– Avoid listing your high school or GPA information. Employers only need to know that you graduated with a nursing degree.
– Highlight the skills employers want most in your professional summary, especially those that are typically used in positions requiring more responsibility.
– Do not use your work email address when applying for new jobs unless it is within the same company. Create a private, professional-sounding email address.
– Do include any relevant organizations in your education section to go along with degrees and internships.
– Do not include information that is too personal, including religious or political beliefs.