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Creators of online content rely on online editors to create shareable videos that are engaging and interesting. When applying to various positions, you first need to create a curriculum vitae. To have any chance of getting the job, you need to discuss your relevant background in sections such as professional summary, education, work experience, and more. Model your document after the online editor CV example given below to have a better likelihood of standing out in a hiring manager’s mind.

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Kylie Hughes

7531 Vineland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 11111

E: T: 555-655-6565

Professional Summary

Skilled editor with years of experience putting together comedic short films and sketches. In-depth understanding of how to put together various clips to form cohesive and entertaining stories. Extensive expertise working with graphics software such as After Effects to add fun touches to viral videos. Background also involves working as part of a team with scriptwriters and directors to get the necessary shots before filming wraps completely.

  • -Keen eye for detail to catch any discrepancies in a video before it is released -Effective time management skills to prioritize tasks according to importance -Proficient in various types of video editing software, including Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Avid Digidesign Pro Tools -Communication skills and an ability to adequately convey information to people regardless of their level in the organization -Ability to think creatively and always able to find a solution when an issue arises in the editing process
Work Experience
Online Editor
June 2016 – Present

  • Organize raw footage to create viral videos, many of which garner over one million views.
  • Monitor film activity online to see how people are engaging with the videos, and use data to create better content in the future.
  • Determine which audio segments to use with each video, including occasionally obtaining the rights for a certain piece of music.
  • Recommend reshoots when a certain video is lacking specific shots.
  • Read scripts to determine which ones should go into production.

Video Editor
May 2014 – June 2016

  • Edited in graphic effects and used special software to fill in a green screen.

  • Conducted screenings of finished films to gauge audience reactions, and recommended ways to make film better.

  • Supervised the activities of all editors to ensure everyone was progressing as planned.

Assistant Film Editor
March 2013 – December 2013

  • Worked with head editor to trim raw footage, and cataloged anything that could not be used for future use.
  • Remained on set during shoots to verify that all essential shots were obtained.
  • Collaborated with music editors to retrieve original compositions for certain projects.

Bachelor in Communication

University of Southern California
Los Angeles CA

Hobbies and Interests

While I love film, I also have a deep passion for the theatre. I am involved in the local theatre program in Burbank, and I act in several plays every year. In addition to being on stage, I also partake in the stagehand duties by occasionally being in charge of lighting or sound design.

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Online Editor CV Must-Haves

What Does an Online Editor Do?

In order to be strongly considered for any editor position, you need to demonstrate within your CV that you can handle the responsibilities of the job. For online editors, that entails reviewing completed videos, offering notes to make it better, marking frames for when a piece of audio needs to start, and verifying time codes on all video files. Your duties may even begin before the camera starts rolling because many editors review the initial script to know what will be going on for the actual production. You will also need to be comfortable communicating with directors and producers about how they need to go about acquiring certain shots. Finally, you may be the one who has to conduct audience screenings in order to gauge the general public’s reaction to a piece. If you are unsure where to start, consult the online editor CV example above.

Tips for Creating a Great Online Editor CV

Before you submit your personal CV, make sure it abides by the following guidelines:

– Your CV only needs to be one page in length. However, if you have over a decade of work experience, it could go to two pages.
– Your Professional Summary should be six lines long at most, and it should contain a balanced mix of personal skills related to editing and your experience editing videos.
– In the event there are gaps in your employment history, do not explain them on the CV. The hiring manager will undoubtedly ask about them in the interview.
– You also do not need to list reasons for why you left each previous place of employment.
– Make sure to discuss the editing software you are familiar with under the Skills section. An employer will want to know how much training you will require if hired.
– Proofread the document before emailing it to the hiring manager because typos can ruin an otherwise perfect CV.