Operations Manager CV Example


If you are applying for a position that requires a curriculum vitae as part of the process, you may or may not know what an prospective employer is looking for. A CV is a document some employers request summarizing your professional experience and qualifications. Whether or not you have written one before, you can refresh your knowledge and develop your ability to create a stellar CV by reviewing our operations manager CV example. After reading it, browse some of our tips, and you’ll be able to write a CV that displays how qualified you are to be operations manager.

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Emily Kawasaki

4396 Whipaway Ln.,Juniper, KY 11111

T: 555-092-4869 E: emkawasaki@anymail.com

Professional Summary

Experienced in multiple facets of management, including training, client relations, and supervision of teams and projects. Skilled in operations management functions, such as overseeing work flow, maintaining production of facilities, and auditing processes for efficiency and effectiveness. Prior work developed proficiency in project management and quality improvement initiatives carried out through management channels. Expert in application of infrastructure and resources to improve departmental and company-wide performance through effective management techniques.

  • -Expert in all aspects of management and quality control -Superior ability to motivate team and produce results -Excels at multi-tasking -Exemplary communication skills expressed in writing and speech -Innovative spirit towards problem-solving
Work Experience
Operations Manager
January 2015-Present

  • Oversee personnel teams ranging in size from 10 to 18 people and give directives to ensure satisfactory completion of all necessary tasks.
  • Manage systems relating to the general day to day operations of the company and address any issues that arise.
  • Manage growth initiatives to scale resources and team work according to the demands of company projections.

Quality Manager
July 2014-January 2015

  • Developed criteria to measure quality of processes and results produced by departments within the company.

  • Implemented strategies to improve the quality of output and consistency of results.

  • Coordinated communication with clients and team members in order to set clear goals for quality according to clients’ needs.

Processes Manager
May 2010-July 2014

  • Evaluated training and organization processes employed throughout departments within the company and offered feedback to departmental managers.
  • Coached other management staff and team personnel in improving efficacy of the processes used and innovating more efficient ways of doing things.
  • Reported to company CEO and Director of Operations to gauge success of efforts and receive directives for future implementation.

Master of Business Administration

Graduate University School of Business
Bachelor of Science in Business Management

University of Kansas
Hobbies and Interests

I am dedicated to volunteering my time and talents in order to help my community and those in need. This is one of my primary interests, and I satisfy it by working at the local center for special needs adults and hosting job skills training. In addition to this, I enjoy many hobbies, including art, fitness, and cooking. Whenever I have spare time, I develop my knowledge further by taking classes in any of these subjects at the local college or YMCA facility.

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Operations Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does Operations Manager Do?

An operations manager will take on many duties, the most important of which include the coordination and supervision of a company’s operations. To this end, an operations manager will provide departmental managers and staff with the directives and training necessary to maintain daily operations and ensure all processes run efficiently. Efficiency is second only to compliance in an operations manager’s values, and both should be demonstrated clearly in the carrying out of a company’s operational needs. You should be sure to highlight these and other relevant values when you write your CV after reviewing our operations manager CV example. Doing so will complement your qualifications and ensure your CV stands out.

Tips for Creating a Great Operations Manager CV

Writing an operations manager CV shouldn’t be too difficult after reviewing the example and guidance offered above. You can get even more ideas, however, from the following tips for how to make your CV truly great:
– Do highlight your strong leadership skills as well as your ability to effectively solve problems, as these are both qualities required of an operations manager.
– Do shift away from providing job descriptions of prior experience and shift towards illustrating your accomplishments.
– Don’t create a one-size-fits-all CV that is overly generalized and intended for submission to a number of different job applications.
– Don’t create a CV that is too crowded with information and thus difficult for an audience to read efficiently.
– Do include examples of managerial skills that make you suited to an operations manager position.
– Do proofread thoroughly and repeatedly to ensure there are no errors or spelling mistakes that could give a hiring manager a poor first impression.
– Don’t make your contact information difficult to locate on the CV.