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When you apply for a job, your ultimate goal is to catch the hiring manager’s attention and land that all-important interview. Creating a strong CV that outlines your skills, education, and work experience is a crucial tool for presenting yourself as a qualified and desirable candidate. Make this intimidating task a little easier by checking out our PE teacher CV example. You can use this example as a source of inspiration as you create your own tailored application. Tips regarding what to include, how to best market yourself, and which CV features you should never forget are also provided.

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John MacDonald

1234 Westview Drive, Spokane, WA 11111

E: T: (555) 234-7344

Professional Summary

Motivational and enthusiastic teacher who excels at introducing students to the joy of a healthy and active lifestyle. Familiar with instructing students in a wide range of physical activities, from traditional sports such as basketball and soccer to more unconventional pursuits such as martial arts and line dancing. Expert in classroom management who is experienced in working with children of diverse ages and backgrounds. Dedicated to making sure that every student feels that there is an opportunity to succeed and a place for him or her in my classroom.

  • -Skilled public speaker who can communicate effectively with both students and colleagues -Excellent classroom management skills, even with large and chaotic groups -Enthusiastic and motivational personality with a passion for helping kids improve, excel, learn, and grow -Able to creatively plan lessons to appeal to a wide variety of students while also meeting recommended standards for physical exercise -Attentive to the various needs and abilities present in a classroom -Broadly educated in many kinds of sports as well as exercise physiology and pedagogy
Work Experience
Secondary P.E. Teacher
September 2012 – present

  • Train students in a variety of exercise types and healthy living strategies.
  • Manage several classes with 30+ students with a wide range of skills.
  • Create and implement curriculum for two new courses.
  • Counsel students regularly who wished to join school sports teams.

Soccer Coach
June 2010 – August 2012

  • Taught techniques and strategies for playing soccer to children aged nine to 13.

  • Emphasized the value of teamwork, cooperation, and good sportsmanship.

  • Provided impartial guidance for resolving interpersonal conflicts between team members.

  • Accompanied team to local and regional matches.

Elementary P.E. Teacher
September 2007 – June 2010

  • Introduced students to the basic components of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Added unconventional activities to the school’s physical education curriculum, such as juggling and tai chi.
  • Organized field day activities, such as sack races and bean bag toss games.
  • Met individually with shy or struggling students to help them develop their confidence and skills.

Bachelor of Science in Education
May 2007

University of Washington
Seattle WA
Washington State Teacher Certification
May 2007

Hobbies and Interests

I am a very enthusiastic outdoorsman who enjoys going on hiking and camping trips. Birdwatching is one of my favorite activities, and I go on several trips a year in order to observe bird migrations. As an animal lover, I volunteer at my local animal shelter and keep an aquarium at home. On the weekends, I can be found tending to my vegetable garden or taking my foster dogs for long walks along the river.

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PE Teacher CV Must-Haves

What Does a PE Teacher Do?

Physical education teachers are responsible for training elementary, middle, or high school students in various forms of exercise. They may work at either public or private institutions. By introducing kids to a range of sports and physical activities, they promote healthy, active lifestyles and help students develop valuable life skills such as teamwork, cooperation, and confidence. The multifaceted nature of this work means that there is a lot of relevant qualities, skills, and experiences you can include on your CV that will help you wow the hiring manager. Use the PE teacher CV example above to get an idea of how to incorporate everything smoothly and get the most out of the unique set of experiences you have to offer.

Tips for Creating a Great PE Teacher CV

As you’re creating your CV, there are some tips you should keep in mind:

– Your Professional Summary should highlight the characteristics and skills that will help you excel in this position, so include features of your personality that make you a strong teacher, and don’t forget to mention any experiences that make you highly qualified as a sports instructor.
– When writing your Work Experience section, don’t just list your job responsibilities for each position. Instead, include specific accomplishments you achieved to show off that you are competent and get things done.
– As a PE teacher, you’ll be expected to lead by example, so use your Hobbies and Interests section to describe your own physical activities and sports-related interests.
– Remember to double check your CV for typos and grammar mistakes before sending it in.