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A CV is often a crucial component to application materials, especially for professorships and other educational professions. A good CV fully utilizes all necessary sections, including work experience, education, and skills. Our professor CV example demonstrates how to craft a complete curriculum vitae, and we have also included helpful tips for making your document extremely polished. A quality CV should grab the attention of the hiring manager, as it is your first opportunity to make a good impression and to assert your qualifications for the job.

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Jack Smith

333 Marsh Street, Seattle, WA 11111

E: jack.smith@anymail P: 555-555-8465

Professional Summary

Seasoned professor with 10 years’ experience teaching English literature to undergraduates and graduate students. Focus on American studies and cultural studies from the 20th century. Thorough background in supervising teaching assistants, and completed year rotation as faculty chair. Passionately teach theoretical concepts in approachable ways to create a literary framework that crosses generational divides.

  • – Strong focus on 20th century literature and theoretical frameworks – Foster student interest in English literature through connecting the written word to their everyday lives – Passionate knowledge of literature and language – Thorough knowledge of Blackboard Learn, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Docs – Friendly, approachable personality that both students and staff find inviting – Leadership skills to successfully guide students and teaching assistants – Active learning through participation in conferences and seminars – Tough on student expectations, such as attendance and completion of required materials – Able to think outside the box to teach students who benefit from nontraditional modalities
English Professor
August 2016 – Present

  • Lead lectures in cultural applications to English literature, including works by Toni Morrison and Julia Alvarez.
  • Oversee five teaching assistants each semester and guide them through leading small group discussions.
  • Create and facilitate syllabus and guidelines.
  • Provide office hours to meet with students and address concerns.
  • Write letters of recommendation for students interested in pursuing additional programs.
  • Participate in departmental meetings and attend conferences.

English Professor
September 2014 – June 2016

  • Held position of English department chair for one school year and upheld the collegial environment.

  • Participated in interdepartmental meetings and represented the interests of the department.

  • Taught undergraduate classes of up to 20 students per semester.

  • Created syllabi, led discussions, and created and graded student papers and quizzes.

  • Retained operational office hours and met regularly with students to answer questions.

  • Took concerns to English department dean for evaluation and any necessary implementation.

English Professor
August 2007 – September 2014

  • Taught English courses through the continuing education department, focused on ethnic and socioeconomic minorities.
  • Combined theory and analysis with student reflection and creative writing.
  • Helped at-risk students complete courses successfully, some with honors.
  • Assisted students during office hours and often acted as an unofficial guidance counselor.
  • Gave students thorough feedback on areas of weakness and how to improve while remaining encouraging and optimistic.

Ph.D. in English Literature

University of Michigan
Master of Arts in English Literature

University of Michigan
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy participating in local Scrabble competitions. Mentor teens who aim to become first generation college students.

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Professor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Professor Do?

A professor has a doctoral degree in a particular field of study, such as English, mathematics, architecture, physics, or anthropology. He or she may teach undergraduate students, graduate students, or a combination of the two. Some teach courses in a classroom to 20 or 30 students, while others teach lectures of up to about 500 students. Professors often have teaching assistants working under them, especially those who teach large lecture classes. A professor most often creates the focus, syllabus, and testing material, including papers, quizzes, and traditional tests. They may grade these materials themselves or turn the grading over to the teaching assistants. Professors generally perform other duties as well, such as speaking with students during office hours and attending departmental meetings. A quality CV should list your qualifications and experience with these types of duties. Our professor CV example demonstrates how to input these components into your document.

Tips for Creating a Great Professor CV

The following tips can help you craft a complete, professional CV:

– Use abbreviations common to your field if the employer is likely to recognize them. If not, spell out the word and put the abbreviation in parentheses.
– In CVs, it is appropriate to include a headshot if desired, as well as personal information, such as your race, gender, and marital status.
– Always include vital sections in your CV, including professional summary, work experience, education, and skills.
– The skills section can be broken into subsections, such as personal skills and job-related skills.
– You may also include accomplishments and other important distinctions, such as memberships in professional organizations, presentations, publications, and honors and awards.
– CVs for entry-level positions should be limited to one page, and professional-level CVs can be up to two pages. An executive-level CV can reach three pages.