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A CV is often a crucial component to application materials, especially for professorships and other educational professions. A good CV fully utilizes all necessary sections, including work experience, education, and skills. Our professor CV example demonstrates how to craft a complete curriculum vitae, and we have also included helpful tips for making your document extremely polished. A quality CV should grab the attention of the hiring manager, as it is your first opportunity to make a good impression and to assert your qualifications for the job.
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Patrick Park

1234 Housedown St., Chicago, IL 99999

E: P: 777-555-3948

Professional Summary

Experienced product manager with 15 years of experience. Highly skilled in sales and marketing methods and principles, proven with a rise in sales for three consecutive quarters in current position. Excellent communicator who knows how to make every client and employee feel at ease and important. Dedicated, responsible, and organized in every task.

    – Proficient in a variety of computer hardware and software, including database reporting software; data mining software, such as Google Analytics; financial analysis software; and many more. – Qualified manager with the knowledge and training to lead other members of a product development team, including working knowledge of resource allocation, production methods, customer satisfaction evaluation, and strategic planning strategies. – Excellent ability to analyze systems and operations, including determinizing how a system should work and how changes in the environment or other operating conditions can change the product, as well as how these differing needs change the product’s design requirements. – Professional and courteous individual who always goes above and beyond to ensure comfort and satisfaction not only of clients and customers, but also of fellow employees. – Expansive knowledge of the English language provides the ability to listen and communicate effectively.
Product Manager
February 2012 – Present

  • Identify marketing strategies, evaluate and re-develop them by using knowledge of market characteristics, cost and markup factors, and company objectives.
  • Evaluate product development projects to determine return on investment and profit loss rejections ad well as to create budgets and research and development appropriations.
  • Oversee the daily activities of the marketing and sales staff, including hiring and training new staff members and evaluating the performance of current staff members.

Brand Manager
July 2004 – February 2012

  • Consulted with other product development personnel to create design themes, including color schemes, photographs, and packaging ideas.

  • Managed product distribution by developing strategies and establishing networks for distribution, including negotiating contractors with vendors and other distributors.

  • Created market research studies to determine what current and potential customers need in a product and analyzed the findings and implemented ideas based on the data.

Product Manager
June 2001 – July 2004

  • Communicated with legal staff to come up with solutions regarding issues with copyright infringement and sharing royalties with other producers and distributors.
  • Consulted with the proper individuals to gain knowledge and training in how to create products that are sustainable and good for the environment.
  • Improved environmental soundness of products by modifying packages, the products themselves, the manufacturing process, or other characteristics needing better sustainability.

Bachelors in Business Communication

Concordia University Chicago
Bachelors in Business Advertising

University of Illinois Chicago
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy spending time on social media to check out new trends in marketing and branding and discern how to incorporate them into my own work. I also like to spend my evenings listening to music or catching up on TV shows with my family.

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Product Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Product Manager Do?

A product manager is responsible for coordinating the marketing of a company’s products or services, including the planning and implementation of all marketing strategies. Product managers must understand how to determine demand for a specific product, how to identify potential customers, and how to gain their support. They develop strategies for pricing that maximize profits and market shares without leaving customers unhappy. Product managers must be able to monitor marketing trends and determine how to use them advantageously. In addition to excellent customer service skills, they must be highly proficient in the English language and in a variety of computer software. The attached product manager CV example gives more detailed job descriptions.

Tips for Creating a Great Product Manager CV

Use these tips to help you create an even better CV for your job search:

– Do use your professional summary to your advantage. It should include your best assets, hard and soft skills, experience, and personality traits. Remember, you do not need to use complete sentences in the summary.
– Do not use paragraph format anywhere other than the professional summary and interests sections. Bullet points look neater and are easier for the hiring manager to skim for the most important information.
– Do be specific when listing your job duties as a product manager. Focus on quantitative information, such as increasing sales or creating new products.
– Do not forget to proofread. Spelling and grammar mistakes make even the best CV look unprofessional.


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