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To increase your chances of getting asked to an interview, the single best piece of advice to follow is to improve your CV. Employers only know about your past experiences and talents if you have demonstrated them through a well-written CV. If you’re not someone who has a lot of experience putting job application documents together, here is what you should do. Use the project manager CV example that is shown below to see exactly how to organize and write this essential part of your application file.

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Caleb Dunlop

53 Littell Street, Miami, FL 11111

E: T: 555-682-6868

Professional Summary

Experienced project manager with a strong record of proven results in the information technology industry for the past 13 years. Expertise in managing several projects at once and maintaining a commitment to quality and task completion. Skilled at delegating responsibility to members of the team, depending on their skills and expertise. Strong ability to determine project needs and develop a strategic plan for achieving goals on time and within the budget constraints. Valuable team player with much to offer to any organization.

  • -Expertise in a variety of computer software programs, including project management tools such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Primavera, and Atlassian JIRA. -Strong leadership skills and an ability to motivate and push team members to work at their best when it comes to assigning tasks and creating a schedule. -Excellent skills in time management and juggling more than one task at a time, which helps me attend to different needs all within one project. -Skilled analytical thinker, giving me the best way to solve problems as they come up and develop better methods of achieving results. -Organized during the planning and execution stage of the project’s scope with a special talent for being extremely budget-conscious.
Work Experience
Project Manager
April 2013 – present

  • Coordinate a variety of information technology projects from the first stages of planning to client delivery and the end stages.
  • Plan a schedule for optimal task completion and assign duties to members of the project team, depending on their individual job titles and expertise.
  • Communicate project needs with outside vendors and management as progress is made.

Project Manager
March 2009 – April 2013

  • Oversaw project timeline and divided larger project tasks into smaller jobs to help push the team toward constant progress.

  • Reduced costs for networking projects by 12% throughout tenure as an employee of the firm by reconfiguring resources and assigning new responsibilities.

  • Led a team of 12 information technology staff members through eight multimillion-dollar networking and systems projects.

Project Manager
April 2004 – March 2009

  • Evaluated staff members as they worked on specific jobs for projects and made recommendations about performance review and improvement.
  • Conducted regular meetings while in the midst of a project to keep management and other involved personnel updated with the progress of each stage.
  • Designed a new and more effective method of planning projects for the information systems department, leading to an increase in productivity by 25%.

IBM Solutions Expert Certification

IBM Training
Miami Florida
Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology

University of Miami
Miami Florida
Hobbies and Interests

I am a hobby Golden Retriever dog breeder. I work on promoting the breed and supporting its health. I also participate in regional and national dog shows when I can. I am also committed to assisting the local feral cat colony in my neighborhood by working to help spay and neuter the cat population.

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Project Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Project Manager Do?

Project managers are key staff leaders on a team of workers in the information technology field. They take charge on essential projects related to technology, networking, and other fields in information. Project managers typically answer to a high-level supervisor and must update management with daily or periodic project progress. They can meet project objectives by assigning each duty to other qualified staff members. Project managers will then supervise the work being done and make recommendations for improvement if needed. They also plan the budget as the project progresses and make sure that everything is done within the required parameters. In the project manager CV example, you should include some of these important work tasks in your employment history section.

Tips for Creating a Great Project Manager CV

Getting a job as a project manager may be a challenge if your CV isn’t strong. Here are some ways to improve your CV so it can bring the best job offers your way:

– Highlight your management and motivational skills with others to show a future employer how you could be a great leader.
– Indicate when you have helped a company save money by listing details about how you achieved this.
– Show off your skills with common industry computer software that most project managers use on a daily basis.
– Avoid highly technical language or industry jargon when writing your CV since the hiring manager may not have as much technical knowledge.
– Draw attention to yourself by stressing your achievements along with giving an overview of your past work experiences and responsibilities.