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Jobseekers looking to secure a position in a top software development firm may have a lot of competition during their search. Even if you have a long list of experience and a high level of talent in this industry, hiring managers won’t notice you without a well-written CV. It’s important to focus on developing a strong CV before you start going out on the interview circuit. You can start by taking a look at this QlikView developer CV example to see how to set up your document for the best results.

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Ken Harris

2486 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA 11111

E: kenharris@anymail.com T: 555-351-1205

Professional Summary

Talented and innovative software developer with specialization in working with QlikView. Dedicated professional with nine years of experience developing business software. Superb knowledge and background in writing and fixing software code. Strong understanding of systems administration, internet technology, backend design, networking, computer engineering, and troubleshooting. Highly effective when working on the testing process and able to quickly and accurately expedite the software development process.

  • ?Highly capable of using common industry software, such as ActionScript, Maven, COBOL, C, Visual Basic, PowerShell, and LabVIEW.?Excellent background in computer information systems, network design, hardware components, testing, and many other aspects of this industry.?Strong analytical skills, mathematical comprehension, and engineering knowledge, giving me more tools to access when I come across a difficult problem.?Effective communicator, when writing or delivering a message in person, helping me address concerns to team members and solve issues effectively.?Committed to delivering solutions to customers and helping clients get the most out of their software products.
Work Experience
QlikView Developer
May 2015 – present

  • Assist customers with technical support, maintenance, product design, and training for new QlikView business software clients.
  • Schedule new software installation and coordinate training classes with clients for QlikView products.
  • Discuss business software needs and make recommendations to potential clients, resulting in a 24 percent increase in new revenue for QlikView.

Software Developer
January 2010 – May 2015

  • Revised computer software code to update capabilities, fix newly-found errors, and remove bugs.

  • Collaborated with a team of developers, designers, and project managers to carry out software development projects and create code for new functionality.

  • Solved customer problems with specific software tools when needed, allowing the company to maintain a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Software Developer
June 2008 – January 2010

  • Supervised a team of coders and developers to create new programming code that met the goals of specific projects in the software design process.
  • Developed proper documentation for each software product and revised new documentation when repairing lines of code.
  • Led a staff of eight other developers in the software testing process before the launch of a series of new products, improving the timeline by three weeks.

QlikView Developer Certification

QlikTech International Course of Study
Bachelor of Science in Computers and Information Systems

University of San Diego
San Diego California
Hobbies and Interests

When I’m not working on my computer or thinking about software development, I can be found in my woodshop garage. I take pride in working with my hands in the woodshop and focus on creating handcrafted wood pieces for design and function. I make birdhouses and other small decorative pieces that I give away to friends and family members and use throughout my home’s décor.

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QlikView Developer CV Must-Haves

What Does a QlikView Developer Do?

A QlikView developer works on software development and has a focus on this specific brand of business software from QlikTech, as shown in the QlikView developer CV example. Typically, QlikView developers have been specifically trained to specialize in products from QlikTech, but like other software developers, they have the skills to work on a variety of other products. Software developers may work behind the scenes with a team of managers and other developers to write and revise computer programming code for a product. They work with project managers and use a plan of design to create a piece of software that meets the needs of the customers. Once the software is almost ready to launch, developers may work on the testing process. Some developers work with customers by helping train users, troubleshoot problems, and resolve any software issues that come up.

Tips for Creating a Great QlikView Developer CV

To make your CV more effective, you must pay attention to the specific way this type of document is formatted and perfect your way of writing. Here are some techniques to help you come across as more qualified:

– Get the hiring manager’s attention with an impressive opening in your professional summary by detailing your greatest attributes.
– List all your relevant work experiences starting with your current position and note any moments where you have achieved a truly impressive feat.
– Keep your educational history brief and limited to your degree title and the name of your university unless you are a recent college graduate.
– Provide evidence of your qualifications as a developer by listing the certifications you have for specific software products.
– Show off your experience working with customers in software development by giving a few details of your customer service abilities.