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Recruiters have the painstaking work of sorting through dozens of applications to find promising candidates who reflect the right qualifications. Your efforts to stand out and represent yourself as an experienced professional require careful content selection in your curriculum vitae. The right formatting and articulation of a well-defined skillset can help you highlight your core competencies in a way that is intriguing, memorable, and engaging. This quality control CV example can guide you through the process of writing your own compelling document. The accompanying tips are great suggestions to help you polish your submission and win the interest of recruiters.

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Derek Stoddard

695 S Wildflower Drive , Portland, OR 11111

E: dstoddard@fastmail P: 555-888-9876

Professional Summary

Skilled quality control inspector with over 10 years of experience in providing companies with thorough product inspection. Expert attention to detail to efficiently and thoroughly inspect samples, identify compromised components, and quickly remove obstructions before assembly. Six Sigma certified with a profound understanding of quality control procedures including establishing control points and process variables for proper measurement and assessment. Confident communicator and proven leader with an enthusiastic personality to contribute to effective training of line workers, coordination of duties, and observance of safety protocols and procedures. Dedicated to building company success by omitting mistakes and oversights in product creation to optimize the quality of the output received by customers.

  • -Profound understanding of manufacturing processes, process development, assembly production, and quality control protocols to optimize product creation. -Skilled in using a variety of inspection apparatuses such as gauges and calipers. -Strong organization skills for thorough documentation of assembly processes, manufacturing consistency and effectiveness, and product deficiencies and waste. -Confident communicator to delegate responsibilities, collaborate with colleagues, report findings to management, and train and manage line workers. -Expert inspecting skills and Six Sigma certified to be able to set realistic control points and establish process variables to increase efficiency and reduce product defects.
Work Experience
Quality Control Inspector
2009 – present

  • Oversee key quality control inspections in four warehouse facilities, and carefully monitor assembly processes for safety and efficiency.
  • Identify product deficiencies, including missing parts, compromised molds, and cosmetic imperfections, and immediately remove them before they reach assembly.
  • Maintain a detailed report of process improvements, imperfect pieces and products, and adherence to standard protocols to report to executive management.
  • Collaborate with the production supervisor and upper management to identify areas for improvement and ensure processes are optimally run with minimal waste and mistakes.

Production Supervisor
2005 – 2009

  • Managed five assembly lines, each with nine line workers, to oversee processes and confirm that production schedules were finalized.

  • Completed a daily checklist of supervisory tasks, including equipment maintenance, verification of worker safety, and adherence to critical process variables and control points.

  • Maintained a facility conducive to quality manufacturing in accordance with strict regulations as given by executive management.

Warehouse Manager
2002 – 2005

  • Oversaw 25 warehouse employees from stockers and inventory specialists to equipment operators to assembly line workers.
  • Trained employees on the proper use of equipment, documentation of information, and use of control points to manufacture products safely and in a timely manner.
  • Received and sorted shipments, maintained checklists, verified equipment maintenance, scheduled employees, and gave weekly reports to the supervisor.

Six Sigma Certified

Aveta Business Institute
Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Management

University of Oregon
Eugene Oregon
Hobbies and Interests

I am a regular volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, where I help construct homes for needy families. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in supply chain strategy at the University of Oregon. I enjoy spending time with my family, golfing, and reading.

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Quality Control CV Must-Haves

What Does Quality Control Do?

Quality control is all about eliminating the mistakes that are a part of manufacturing and product assembly. As a quality control professional, you will be utilizing a variety of inspecting procedures, tools, and checklists to verify that assembly processes are working as they should. Responsibilities may include supplier negotiation to identify reputable distributors, overseeing the delivery of parts, inspection of arriving shipments to identify and remove damaged parts, management of assembly processes to verify their safety and efficiency, training of line employees in standard protocols, maintenance of a detailed report, and setting process variables to enable consistent output and continuous workflow. Valuable skills include communication, attention to detail, understanding of manufacturing processes, leadership, and organization, among others. This quality control CV example is an illustration of how to incorporate these tasks into your curriculum vitae in a way that is organized and descriptive.

Tips for Creating a Great Quality Control CV

The following tips are helpful to reference throughout the creation of your curriculum vitae:

– Certifications are highly preferred in many quality control professions, so list any applicable certifications, such as Six Sigma or ISO, under the Education and Training section.
– Action verbs strengthen your position as a viable candidate. Begin each sentence of your Work Experience with words like managed, maintained, documented, optimized, developed, trained, verified, and reported.
– Don’t rely on spellcheck features to catch all of your errors. Take extra time to reread your work or have a peer read it to catch any additional oversights that could potentially lessen your chances of getting an interview.
– Product assembly and optimal manufacturing processes are all about organization. Demonstrate your understanding of this skill by careful observance of proper formatting and content organization in your CV.