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Writing a curriculum vitae is a necessity that all jobseekers need to take seriously if they want to get hired in a reasonable amount of time. Employers won’t take you seriously if your CV is too short, incomplete, or not professional. For jobs that conduct research, you may be competing with hundreds of applicants who all have strong qualifications. You can make yourself stand out from all of the others if you focus on following the lead of a sample, such as the research assistant CV example displayed below.

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John Ellis

89 Wassail Way, Augusta, GA 11111

E: T: 555-608-3019

Professional Summary

Motivated research assistant with 12 years of experience in surveying for social science studies. Experience in statistical analysis, database management, and quality control. Demonstrated record of success during tenure with previous employers and held key role in achieving successful research studies for various topics. Strong level of integrity with data, and commitment to keeping methods, information, and materials confidential for the benefit of the study. Highly capable team player who would do anything to support the goals of the organization.

  • -Capable of operating computer software programs that are commonly used for social science research, such as SAS, SPSS, MATLAB, and StataCorp Stata. -Strong comprehension of psychology principles and research basics related to the field of sociology and the human mind. -Proven background in research design, implementation, techniques, and analysis in various fields of social science. -Committed team player with excellent work ethic that keeps a project going no matter what. -Incredible communication skills, both written and oral, which is helpful when putting together information about research findings or communicating with a team.
Work Experience
Research Assistant
November 2012 – present

  • Create surveys and other instruments for research study in psychology by using study goals, feedback from team, and best practices.
  • Enter findings and results of surveys into a computer database, and organized all raw data to help the team determine a conclusion.
  • Oversee the development and interviewing process of 13 team members interacting with research subjects.

Research Assistant
July 2010 – November 2012

  • Researched basic background information and searched for publications and previous findings online when confronted with a new study idea.

  • Analyzed research data and findings by using various computer programs and determined accuracy and validity of information.

  • Received a $12,000 research grant along with the team after pursuing various grant award organizations for psychological research.

Research Assistant
August 2005 – July 2010

  • Maintained a detailed computer database of all surveys, findings, research subjects, methods, and staff involved in each step of the process.
  • Conducted quality control of research practices and used verification methods to ensure data was valid for each study.
  • Recruited research study subjects regularly by attending college campus events and posting information online, leading to a 15% increase in participant numbers.

Master of Science in Psychology

Tulane University
New Orleans Louisiana
Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Duke University
Durham North Carolina
Hobbies and Interests

My biggest hobby is traveling internationally and learning about new cultures. Ever since childhood, I have been traveling the world whenever I have a break from school or work. I have visited all seven continents, including Antarctica. I am working on my next adventure, which is exploring the African Savanna and learning more about the animals and the environment in the region.

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Research Assistant CV Must-Haves

What Does a Research Assistant Do?

Research assistants usually have a strong academic background in some sort of social science field. They work alongside other professionals in social sciences to implement important research. The research assistants mostly help other senior team members with the design of the study, the paperwork associated with it, and some of the finer details. They may recruit survey subjects for research studies, and they may assist with reviewing surveying techniques before the study begins. During the data collection stage, they could help supervise other staff to ensure top quality control. As noted in the research assistant CV example, you may also find that employees in this role play a big part in recording the findings in a computer system.

Tips for Creating a Great Research Assistant CV

To get your research assistant CV noticed and not pushed to another pile, you have to focus on this specific way of writing. Here are some things to know:

-Mention some of the specific experience or knowledge you have from your educational background and work history in the professional summary.
-Include any awards or grants you’ve won that have helped your previous team members or past employers.
-Give details about some of the duties you have been most successful with, from working with research subjects to helping supervise interviews.
-Keep your word choice consistent by using verbs to start off each bullet point in your work history section.
-Provide specific details, such as numbers or percentages, when talking about your accomplishments from your past work experiences.