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The retail industry is highly competitive, especially if you hope to work in a managerial role or another unique position down the line. To get your foot in the door, you will need an impressive CV that highlights your accomplishments and entices hiring managers to call you in for an interview. With the right knowledge and a few good tools, you are well on your way to creating a professional CV. Use this retail CV example and the following tips and tricks to begin writing your own CV.

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Sam Green

2039 Glenn Avenue, Columbus, OH 11111

E: P: 555-555-9123

Professional Summary

Qualified retail sales representative who has worked in a variety of retail environments during the last 15 years. Strong customer service skills that always include a friendly smile and helpful attitude that draws in customers and keeps them coming back. Reliable, with organizational skills and time-management abilities that make me a productive part of any team.

  • -Excellent negotiation and persuasion skills that are put to use by showing customers how they would benefit from upgrading their purchases. -Skilled communicator who is proficient in the spelling, grammar, and syntax of both English and Spanish. -Proficient in a variety of retail-related computer hardware and software, including QuickBooks, Microsoft software, Adobe software, and Salesforce, among others. -Qualified sales representative who understands how to assess the customer and provide the type of customer service he or she seeks. -Abilities in sales and marketing that include promoting, selling, and advertising via product demonstration, social media, and several other methods.
Retail Manager
May 2010 – Present

  • Interview, hire, and provide ongoing training for permanent and seasonal new hires in a department store environment.
  • Communicate with dissatisfied customers who have escalated their complaints and find ways to address their concerns and ensure they are returning customers.
  • Create and implement new sales programs and promotions as well as payment and exchange policies and security protocols.

Sales Associate
July 2004 – May 2010

  • Assisted customers by communicating with them to determine what they needed or wanted and recommending products or helping them locate products they already had in mind.

  • Cleaned shelves, floors, and countertops to ensure the store was always safe and inviting for customers to shop in.

  • Persuaded customers to upgrade their products or services in nearly half of all transactions.

Sales Clerk
September 2000 – July 2004

  • Greeted customers as they walked into the store and offered assistance with finding products.
  • Processed exchanges for customers, including checking for receipts and offering full refunds or store credit on a case-by-case basis.
  • Inventoried stock and provided data to the company’s buyers to ensure the store always had the right products in stock.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Franklin University
Fashion Design Courses

Columbus College of Art and Design
Hobbies and Interests

When I am not working in retail outlets, I am shopping in them. Looking for a great deal is my favorite hobby. Outside of shopping, I enjoy grilling outdoors during the summer, singing karaoke, and taking my dog to the local dog park.

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Retail CV Must-Haves

What Does Retail Do?

Retail workers cover a wide range of positions in the industry. Primarily, their responsibility is to sell merchandise, whether it is clothing, groceries, household equipment, or even cars. Retail workers must be highly personable and able to interact with customers from all types of backgrounds. They should be proficient in mathematics and understand how to read, write, speak, and understand English. Many companies will view someone who is bilingual more favorably. Retail workers are highly organized and have excellent time management skills. They are typically excellent public speakers who do not mind answering questions or performing product demonstrations. For an idea of the skills and responsibilities you should include, check out the attached professional retail CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great Retail CV

Use the following guidelines to help you create a professional CV that will keep hiring managers interested:

-Do use quantifiable metrics whenever possible, such as providing information about going above and beyond sales quota or otherwise bringing in profits for companies.
-Do not provide irrelevant information in your education and training section. This includes your high school information, grade point averages, or clubs or organizations that you were a member of, unless they relate to the retail industry.
-Do focus on the skills you have that benefit a retail worker, including the ability to do mental math, having a friendly personality, and understanding how to adhere to store policies.
-Do not mention controversial information on your resume. Examples include your religion, political views, or sexual orientation.
-Do list retail-related achievements or awards you’ve earned, including top sales performance awards.
-Do not use an unprofessional email address or one that is associated with your current place of employment. If necessary create a new free email address online.