Safety Advisor CV Example


The purpose of a curriculum vitae is to give an employer a brief overview of what you have to offer the company. You only have one page, or two pages if you have a lot of experience to discuss, to show a hiring manager what makes you valuable. The safety advisor CV example below shows what a good application should look like, and you can use it as a comparison against your own. With the example and accompanying tips, you can increase your knowledge and feel a lot more confident when your next job hunt begins.

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Charlie Goldsztajn

3200 South River Drive , Miami, FL 11111

E: T: 555-342-2213

Professional Summary

Skilled safety advisor with a stellar track record of ensuring all protocols are followed and all state regulations are implemented at any place of employment. Great eye for detail to determine when a process or piece of equipment poses a hazard and ensure it is addressed immediately. Extremely organized and able to file all pertinent paperwork to state agencies well before deadlines arrive. Excelled at communication to inform everyone what precautions need to be taken and why they are important.

  • – Effective monitoring skills to always be aware what is going on at a worksite – Proficiency with systems evaluations to determine when something needs to be fixed – Expertise with project management and analytical software – Deductive reasoning skills to figure out the most efficient course of action to take to correct an issue – Knowledge of how to use aerosol meters, sound level meters, respirators, and other essential pieces of equipment
Work Experience
Safety Advisor
March 2014 – Present

  • Design business training program and distribute safety manuals to all new personnel.
  • Make everyone sign a contract stating they have read manuals and agree to abide by all protocols.
  • Document anything that could potentially pose a threat to workers’ safety, and get it addressed as soon as possible.
  • Visit various locations around the city with personnel to ensure all clients’ operations are meeting state and national guidelines.
  • Lead workshops showing employees how to safely carry out essential duties, and in years working for this organization, never had a single instance of someone getting injured while on the job.

Safety Specialist
August 2012 – March 2014

  • Tested work environment regularly to ensure there were no biological or chemical hazards.

  • Ensured there was always sufficient protective gear for employees, and ordered more when it was necessary.

  • Evaluated certain environments to make sure they were safe for entry before proceeding.

  • Maintained logbooks of all jobs performed out in the field and what precautions were essential.

Safety Professional
June 2010 – August 2012

  • Performed maintenance on company’s HVAC system to ensure indoor air quality was always optimal.
  • Created safety guidelines for employees to follow in the event a fire or other disaster broke out, which fortunately, never needed to be used.
  • Regularly inspected fire extinguishers and other safety systems to make sure they were in good operational order.
  • Calibrated equipment routinely so it always worked as specified.

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health

Florida State University
Tallahassee FL

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy volunteering at my child’s elementary school and helping out with various activities. This includes everything from setting up sports activities to helping run food drives.

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Safety Advisor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Safety Advisor Do?

Safety advisors are common in high-risk industries where employees are often around dangerous chemicals or pieces of machinery. Advisors design manuals and training programs to ensure everyone knows how to safely use everything, and the ultimate goal is to make sure no one ever gets hurt. This also involves being proactive and being on the lookout for anything that has the potential to break down in the near future. They also test new equipment, collect data relevant to safety protocols, submit proper documentation to the right state agencies, and ensure safety gear is always fully stocked. In the event danger presents itself, safety advisors are expected to assist people with getting out of the vicinity and notifying the proper authorities. It is an important job, and you need a CV like the safety advisor CV example above to show you have what it takes.

Tips for Creating a Great Safety Advisor CV

Use these extra tips the next time you want to polish your own CV:

– Ensure your contact information is correct, especially if it has been a while since you last applied for new jobs.
– The Professional Summary should serve as a snapshot of what you have done in the past, and it needs to entice the hiring manager to keep reading.
– Bullet points under Work Experience should begin with verbs. Do not start a point with “Accountable for” or “Responsible for.”
– It is acceptable to include any internships you had in college under Education as long as they are relevant to being a safety advisor.
– If you have any noteworthy memberships or won any awards, then you can give those subjects their own section in your CV.
– Do not state on your CV why you left past jobs.