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Even candidates with great qualifications can get overlooked if their CVs fail to grab employers’ attention. Your CV should be just as exciting and compelling as your professional accomplishments. This safety manager CV example is here to show you how to transform your CV into a document you can be proud of. Perusing it will help you see how much difference the right language and proper formatting. Our included writing advice presents more tips on how to achieve an impactful resume that will make it clear to employers that you are the right person for the job.

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Selena Brown

3278 Higgs Drive, Maxwell, PA 11111

E. P. 555-892-1289

Professional Summary

Experienced safety manager, highly proficient in assessing, minimizing, and eliminating workplace hazards. Many years of experience in the construction sector. Substantially reduced incidences of workplace falls by revising applicable safety protocols and ensuring the provision of harnesses and security equipment. Familiar with federal, state, and city safety regulations. Extremely personable and good communicator. Able to lead and motivate teams to implement and maintain safety measures. Understanding of construction business enables development of safety precautions that serve to enhance work performance. Able to analyze existing data and develop strategies to reduce injuries.

  • -Knowledge of safety protocols and regulations. -Excel at building rapport with wide variety of people. -Communicate well with employees and managers. -Proficient at providing effective guidance for unique safety situations. -Adept at time management and multitasking. -Prompt at filling out paperwork, submitting reports, and otherwise complying with procedural rules.
Work Experience
Safety Manager
September 2013 – Present

  • Evaluate existing safety protocols for construction sites and revise as needed.
  • Assess impact of new technology, materials, and methods on workplace safety.
  • Compile data on incidents and risk assessments; analyze workplace incidents and determine need for additional or modified policies.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations; visit sites to evaluate safety compliance.
  • Research materials on occupational safety to keep track of and address developing concerns.
  • Train employees and contractors on applicable safety protocols and use of safety equipment.
  • Lead incident inquiries.
  • Negotiate with workers’ compensation programs to lower rates in response to comprehensive company policy and program implementations.

Safety Manager
April 2011 – September 2013

  • Developed and updated safety policies.

  • Developed and implemented safety awareness communication system to enable workers and managers to raise awareness of potential hazards.

  • Reduced incidence of falls by evaluating previous reports, identifying contributing factors, and taking steps to eliminate or mitigate these factors.

  • Audited sites for compliance with safety procedures; Inspected safety equipment and recommended replacements or updates.

  • Trained employees in applicable safety procedures; developed safety training program for managers.

  • Worked with employers throughout the company to help them understand the importance of complying with safety procedures.

Assistant Safety Manager
June 2008 – March 2011

  • Reviewed studies and materials published by state, federal, and local agencies to ensure that best practices for safety are incorporated into the company’s protocols.
  • Drafted revisions and additions to safety policies and handbook.
  • Prepared training programs aimed to address specific types of common hazards, including toxic materials, electricity, and falls.
  • Participated in developing pro-active, preventative safety culture among key management.
  • Inspected safety equipment; Recommended upgrades or additions to safety equipment.

Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety

State University

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and white-water rafting. I also love to hike and camp.

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Safety Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Safety Manager Do?

A safety manager is responsible for overseeing workplace safety. Such managers often work in industries with a reputation for hazard, such as construction and manufacturing. However, other companies may also hire safety managers to address lesser-known risks, such as sedentary occupational injuries and drug use. Safety managers must identify sources of potential risks and develop strategies to minimize them. These strategies often include introducing safety equipment, providing training, and educating both workers and managers of the importance of following procedure. Like the applicant in our safety manager CV example, a great manager finds ways to improve safety without impeding work performance or imposing unrealistic costs.

Tips for Creating a Great Safety Manager CV

The following tips will help you polish your CV and bring it up to the standard of the CV example you have seen:

-Customizing your CV to each employer’s priorities and requirements is a good way to get your CV top billing. It takes a little extra effort to tailor your CV, but it is well worth it.
-Review your CV to make sure you have caught all typos and mistakes. Everyone makes them, but employers do notice them unfavorably. Do not rely on your spellcheck program, as it will not catch many types of errors.
-Most candidates should keep their CV to one page. If yours is longer, review it again to ensure you have not included irrelevant information or used five words when one will do.
-Separate your information into the standard sections shown on our CV example. Do not add sections of your own or try to come up with creative header names.