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When it comes to applying for jobs, you cannot afford to take any chances. That is why a solid curriculum vita is so valuable. Because it provides employers with extensive information about your experiences and skills quickly and efficiently, it plays a major role in the application process. Following the advice in this writing guide with an included sales CV example will benefit your job search greatly. It is not uncommon for employers to have high expectations for every CV they read, so it is important you follow the formatting standard closely.

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John Fillmore

Truman Street , Albany, NY 11111

E: P: 555-852-4466

Professional Summary

Confident and capable sales expert with more than 10 years of experience in professional sales. A manager with the experience and skills necessary to lead a sales team and oversee all customer interactions. Manage individual accounts and build relationships with clients. History of making sales and going on sales trips and perfectly comfortable interacting with potential clients. A candidate who combines a strong attention to detail with a high level of commitment, loyalty, and dedication.

  • -Extensive communication skills, both in sales, interpersonal, and management. -Familiar building relationships, establishing lifelong connections, and encouraging return business. -Intimately familiar with standard marketing techniques and experienced in improving sales of entire sales team. -Developed critical thinking and decision making skills. -Long history of management positions developing excellent leadership and delegation abilities.
Work Experience
Sales Manager
2015 to present

  • Lead entire sales team and ensure every member is meeting sales quotas for each month.
  • Analyze all performance and identify areas that are inefficient; implement solutions to improve these areas.
  • Compile sales information into one monthly report to be presented at quarterly meeting with the board of directors.
  • Answer in-depth client questions and resolve issues the sales team members are unable to.
  • Improved sales numbers by 15 percent over the course of two years.

Account Manager
2010 to 2015

  • Oversaw all aspects of several client accounts, including all communication and interaction, placing orders, and making sales.

  • Fulfilled requests on a daily basis to ensure client satisfaction at all times.

  • Kept records of all sales information in efficient and concise sales reports.

  • Maintained a position in the top five percent of sales team for the entirety of holding this position.

Sales Associate
2007 to 2010

  • Interacted with clients and used sales techniques to improve profits.
  • Placed calls to potential new clients and communicated effectively to close sales.
  • Performed administrative tasks to organize all accounts responsible for.

Master of Business Administration in Marketing

University of New York
Bachelor of Communication

University of New York
Hobbies and Interests

I always make an effort to read and stay up to date with marketing magazines in order to remain informed on market trends. In my free time, I run and play soccer and basketball in order to stay active. I also volunteer my time when possible for biannual charity events.

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Sales CV Must-Haves

What Does Sales Do?

Professionals in the field of sales are given the responsibility of communicating with clients and potential clients in order to place orders and make income for a company. It is easy to assume that the job only involves techniques to improve sales, but salespeople are tasked with far more than just that. It may be helpful to think of salespeople as the key communicators to clients. They must maintain relationships, avoid raising concerns, ensure satisfaction, and alleviate complaints. Each salesperson oversees a set list of clients, and sales managers may oversee all accounts while leading and evaluating the sales team. Work in this area requires strong communication skills as well as charisma. As you saw in the sales CV example, you should make a strong effort to include and focus on these qualities in your own sales CV. Doing so will greatly improve your chances of being hired.

Tips for Creating a Great Sales CV

In addition to this sample sales CV, you should use the following writing tips to create a CV that will catch the attention of the reader:
– The most important feature your CV can have is something to make it stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that employers will read numerous applications before and after yours. If there is nothing that makes you stick in their mind, you will likely not be chosen.
– Do focus on the grammar and clarity of your CV. This is always an important aspect for any CV, but the heavy focus on communication for sales professionals means that typographical errors or inefficient communication in the CV are especially hurtful. By reviewing multiple times, you can catch and fix all errors, as well as identify areas that can be improved, which results in the strongest CV possible.
– List your experiences in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent.