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Many people are intimidated by the thought of having to stand out from a whole crowd of qualified applicants. However, a stellar CV is essential when you need to convince potential employers that you are the right candidate for the job. Crafting a great CV means organizing your information effectively, choosing impactful phrasing, and making sure to include relevant achievements. If that sounds like a tall order, our solution architect CV example offers a helpful starting point. Continue to our writing tips for job-specific and general advice for creating the best possible CV.

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Joseph Miller

4378 Willow Lane, Albany, New York 11111

E: P: 555-982-2389

Professional Summary

Senior professional with proven record of accomplishments in development of business software. Designed and managed highly effective applications framework. Spearheaded comprehensive update of corporate legacy system. Excels at coordinating with users to identify needs and develop user-friendly applications. Strong development background in combination with comprehensive understanding of business needs and goals result in consistent excellence in producing relevant, solution-oriented applications. Effective team leader, adept at structuring and supervising projects to ensure optimal results.

  • -Proficient in Windows Server System, key Mainframe environments -Effective and creative problem solver -Excel at identifying user needs and translating them into technical solutions -Detail-oriented multitasker, committed to ensuring excellent results for each project -Experienced project leader with top skills in motivating and organizing team members -Great oral and written communication -Awareness of business needs and concerns -Early adopter of cutting-edge technologies
Work Experience
Senior Analyst
March 2012 – Present

  • Increase customer base through company-wide implementation of networked desktop system; supervised design, testing, and implementation of the systems architecture throughout the project.
  • Ensure continuous function of legacy system through strategically planned integration and updating.
  • Develop and maintain company applications framework.
  • Identify and implement software solutions to address developing needs of business users.
  • Hire, train, and supervise analysts; provide constructive feedback and otherwise ensure top department performance.
  • Monitor systems architecture to detect and correct potential security risks.
  • Work with development teams in branches world-wide to ensure compatible and streamlined systems architectures throughout the company.
  • Work with managers and executives to ensure that all software meets business requirements.

Solution Architect
January 2005 – March 2012

  • Migrated legacy applications framework to updated user interface.

  • Integrated company applications to a unified software platform.

  • Analyzed business requirements for software applications and designed solutions.

  • Developed, tested, and maintained software applications.

  • Increased recurring revenue through strategic adaptations to major applications.

Application Programming Manager
June 2000 – January 2005

  • Managed software development team.
  • Ensured timely production and updates of software without disruptions to the company’s operations.
  • Lowered operating costs by monitoring and updating application framework.
  • Designed and implemented training programs for newly hired developers.
  • Collected and analyzed user data in order to design more user-friendly applications.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

State University
New York

Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy listening to classical music; frequent concert-goer and amateur pianist. Love going on nature walks. Serve on PTA at children’s school, organizing events and fundraisers.
|Solution Architect

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Solution Architect CV Must-Haves

What Does a Solution Architect Do?

Solution architecture is a branch of software development aimed at ensuring consistent function and productivity of organizational systems. Solution architects may work for businesses, hospitals, schools and universities, government agencies, and more. The key to success in this profession, in addition to superlative technical knowledge, is the ability to understand your users’ needs. Thus, a solution architect working in a business environment may work with databases, payment processing, invoicing, and reporting applications. You may have to juggle several major projects at once and work with staff from various departments. As shown in our solution architect CV example, it is important to include communications and leadership skills. Senior solution architects typically manage a team of software developers and define department goals as well as the steps towards achieving them. Thus, the abilities to lead, organize, and motivate are important skills to highlight in your CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Solution Architect CV

These tips will help you apply the principles found in our CV example to producing your own winning CV:
-Use technical action verbs to achieve greater impact and let employers know about your specific skills. These verbs may include terms such as developed, led, managed, designed, and implemented.
-Whenever possible, list specific instances of ways in which your expertise benefited your company. These can be instances of official professional recognition or simply times when you saved money, increased sales, or made it easier for users to operate software.
-Avoid potentially negative or irrelevant information. This includes explaining your reasons for looking for a new job, although you should be prepared to discuss this at your interview. Likewise, if your accomplishments included correcting previous mistakes or inefficiencies, refrain from attributing them to your bosses or co-workers.
-Get a friend or relative to review your CV for typos and mistakes before you send it. They may catch errors you and your spellchecking program may have missed. Even a small gaffe can affect the first impression you make.