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Making an impression in the job market takes some creativity and marketing skills. Most successful jobseekers are able to put themselves in the spotlight by writing a stellar CV that gets a hiring manager’s attention. Any profession requires this important document so an employer can see what kind of potential you might have for the line of work. When you’re ready to start building your job application, use the substitute teacher CV example and tips below to get ahead of the competition and show off your best attributes.

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Cynthia Adams

4494 Mayo Drive, Fort Thomas, KS 11111

E: T: 555-844-9247

Professional Summary

Dependable and enthusiastic substitute teacher with more than eight years of experience in a variety of educational settings. Strong command of the classroom and ability to manage student behavior effectively. Versatile knowledge of many different subject matters and background in a variety of classroom topics and age levels. Flexible to pick up jobs for one or two days or longer assignments when needed. Dedicated to providing a rewarding and engaging atmosphere to students in the classroom.

  • -Excellent communication skills when speaking to a large classroom of students or when communicating via email to parents or other staff members. -Savvy computer user to deliver instruction using technology or to input grading information into the school’s database. -Well organized and able to handle many different responsibilities at once, such as teaching several different subject matters in one semester. -Friendly, outgoing, and calm when working with young people, and not easily stressed out when situations get tough. -Knowledge of teaching principles and classroom management methods that are effective for students of various ages.
Work Experience
Substitute Teacher
August 2014 – present

  • Plan lessons for students in the high school classroom for subjects such as math, science, geography, history, and English.
  • Collect and grade classroom and homework assignments by using school or curriculum-designed rubrics to assess student skill level.
  • Maintain a perfect attendance record throughout each substitute assignment to give classroom students a sense of consistency.

Substitute Teacher
August 2011 – June 2014

  • Created a classroom management system for a long-term substitute position in middle school social studies resulting in a 60 percent improvement in student behavior.

  • Delivered social studies instruction to seventh grade students based on notes left by the regular classroom teacher, school objectives, and content standards.

  • Assessed student understanding of the content by conducting unit tests, observing work habits, and reviewing classroom performance.

Substitute Teacher
September 2009 – June 2011

  • Recognized as a preferred substitute teacher in the system when longer assignments became available, due to strong record and reputation.
  • Instructed students in a variety of high school subjects, reviewed all work, and entered scores into the computerized grading system.
  • Discussed student progress with other teachers, administrators, and parents during conference times or when necessary.

Substitute Teaching Certificate

Kansas State Department of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Communications

University of Kansas
Lawrence Kansas
Hobbies and Interests

When the school day is over or during the summer, I can be found in my garden, working on projects for my home gardening hobby or the community gardening club. I started a community garden in my neighborhood, giving everyone access to locally grown fruits and vegetables throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Along with other volunteers, I take time to set it up, water items, and clean up weeds and other growth.

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Substitute Teacher CV Must-Haves

What Does a Substitute Teacher Do?

Looking at the substitute teacher CV example, you can see some of the various responsibilities for this position. Substitute teachers may work sporadically with a few short-term daily assignments, or they may fill in for a teacher on a long-term absence of several weeks or months. Their primary role is to take on the job of the classroom teacher. They run the classroom and enforce all school or teacher rules. They also teach specific subject material and assign work as needed. At the end of each class, substitute teachers may collect work. In a long-term assignment, the substitute teacher may be responsible for grading the work and entering information into computer databases. In some cases, the substitute teacher may need to communicate with parents or the regular classroom teacher to keep everyone updated about student progress.

Tips for Creating a Great Substitute Teacher CV

Making your CV stand out is easy if you follow a few important tips. This way, you could easily get hired by a school without any hassle. Here are some things to do:

-Design your CV to look professional with minimal graphical elements or color added in the text and paper style.
-Use a professional-sounding email in your contact information, or create a unique email address that primarily uses your name instead of a nickname from your past.
-Explain what makes you special at the top of your CV when putting your professional summary together.
-Give evidence of your strong ability to lead a classroom full of students by talking about your way of dealing with behavior.
-Provide examples of some of the subjects you have experience or knowledge about in your substitute teaching career.