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Web Developer CV Example


As you pursue your career as a web developer, a strong curriculum vitae can help you attract the attention of employers and increase your chances of landing the job you want. The following guide and web developer CV example is meant to show how you can improve your CV to become a more appealing job candidate. You can use these tips to construct your new and improved CV, creating a document that will really impress employers.

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Colin Bassford

4322 Mountain Ave, Burlington, Vermont 11111

T: (555) 876-3942 E:

Professional Summary

Experienced web designer and coder, proficient in CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and more. Bachelor in Art and Design, Associate in Computer Programming. Efficient time management skills and clear communication abilities. Excelled as team leader in several long-term website developments for commercial clients. Seeking senior web developer position with direct client consultation. Innovative, eager to try new ideas and find creative, inspiring web design solutions. Experience in leadership roles and team building, project development, and technical problem solving.

  • -Strong leadership abilities developed through overseeing numerous special projects involving team coordination and goal orientation, employing motivational techniques and practices learned from first-hand experience. -Attentive listening capacity, thoughtfully considering issues and feedback from fellow colleagues and supervisors to find an effective solution. -Efficient time management abilities and ability to meet long-term project goals with expediency and timeliness. -Close attention to detail learned from experience in coding, understanding that even the smallest mistakes in web coding affects the entire functionality and appearance of the site. -Creative problem-solving techniques developed in my experience as a software developer, identifying common error tendencies and finding the appropriate solutions.
Work Experience
Web Editor
March 2014 – Present

  • Oversee creative and technical design of company website and data integration.
  • Spearhead web redevelopment team with launch of an entirely revamped website.
  • Coordinate between design and developers, ensuring a singular goal is achieved efficiently.

Software Tester
June 2010 – March 2014

  • Performed beta tests and quality control regarding glitches, bugs or errors in the coding.

  • Assembled feedback reports and filed data logs.

  • Consulted directly with web developers, establishing an understanding in project and time management.

Graphic Designer
June 2008 – April 2010

  • Worked with team of designers in creating brand imagery and graphic web design.
  • Assisted in project coordination and interdepartmental communications, bridging the design team with upper management.
  • Extensive design portfolio, including nationally syndicated brand images, advertising logos, and more.

Associate in Computer Programming

Burlington Community Technical College
Burlington Vermont

WebSource Design Inc.
London New Hampshire
Hobbies and Interests

I spend much of my free time developing computer games and mobile apps. With my history in graphic design, I enjoy creating imaginative imagery and learning new ways to bring them to life on the computer screen. Additionally, I have recently begun exploring basic robotics, engineering, and programing rudimentary machines.

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Web Developer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Before starting your new CV, it’s important to understand exactly what a web developer does. A web developer is someone who designs, codes, and maintains websites. They are expected to be extremely proficient in programming languages and software, such as CSS, HTML, Java, C++, and more across multiple operating systems. Often, web developers are assigned long-term web design projects, coordinating directly with upper management to achieve a common goal. Once a new website is launched, web developers should test and maintain the site, ensuring it runs smoothly across all platforms. They must also coordinate scheduled site maintenance procedures with minimal disruption to business operations, requiring efficient time management skills. Consider these responsibilities, as well as the ones featured in the web developer CV example, before you begin working on your CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Web Developer CV

Now that you’ve had time to check out the CV example, take some of what you learned and apply it to your CV. Finally, as you write, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:

-Mention any special recognition you’ve received for your past work, including awards or prominent clients.
-Don’t include dated or irrelevant information. Typically, you want your work history to only include the previous 10 years. Include only work history that’s relevant to web development, such as IT or graphic design occupations.
-Include any leadership roles you held, such as project coordinator or lead designer. This demonstrates your experience as a web developer, as well as your strength as a leader.
-Don’t provide any openly religious or political views, as they can be inappropriate in a professional setting. Personal information is welcome on your CV, but save some of it for the interview.
-Be sure to carefully proofread your CV for potential spelling mistakes. Grammatical errors can adversely affect your hiring chances and should never be present on your CV.