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Improving language skills can be vital to help your resume get to the top of the pile. Developing new and old language skills with Lingualia can help.

Languages as an Asset on a Resume

In a competitive jobs market, it is vital for any applicant to get their resume noticed by potential employers. The successful candidate for any job will be able to demonstrate skills that give them an edge, and with communication being vital in any industry, good foreign and native language skills can be as important as any relevant job-specific or technical skills. As well as being an asset in any job, good communication skills can also help to give the right impression in an interview.

Learning Online

With the growth of the internet, online language learning sites such as can making learning new languages easy and enjoyable. As well as working on current skills, you can work on learning new languages anywhere and at your own convenience without having to attend classes, and unlike formal learning the Lingualia programme is tailored to the individual rather than a group. Furthermore, the system is intelligent, adapting to fit with your learning style and current level of knowledge.

Advantage over Traditional Language Classes

When you learn languages online with Lingualia, you can easily see your progress as you develop, with the exercises tailored to developing weak areas. This adds to the enjoyment of being able to see each level of achievement as the course progresses, adding to a less formal, more relaxed form of learning that is more conducive to the retention of knowledge.

Developing Native Language Skills

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While it is always important to learn new languages, good resume language skills may well include a command of good spoken and written English for certain types of jobs, and this can be a critical factor for those who speak English as their second language. In any case, most native English speakers can benefit from the English practice at to give them communication skills that aid them in the workplace, as well as helping them to create the right impression in the jobs market.

Developing Existing Knowledge

Lingualia has a quick test for each language that becomes progressively more difficult until it pinpoints your current skill level. Whatever level of language ability you have, you can still improve your resume with Lingualia, as you can start from your own level of knowledge without having to relearn the basics. This means you can practice and improve your skills whenever you have the time, and build on current knowledge. This could prove vital in the current employment market, where skills make the difference.

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