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It’s known according to some studies that most employers don’t take more than 15-20 seconds looking each one of the resumes they receive, and one of those resumes might be yours. As you can see there are no great chances to get noticed and win a job interview unless your resume really impacts the potential employer.

Writing a resume is not an easy task especially with the high pressure you can fell after knowing the last studies; a resume if it’s well-redacted the employer won’t take over 10 seconds to know that you’re a potential employer. In this sense, we collected selected information to help you achieve a great and successful resume without too much work. You’ll see how our resume examples carefully redacted will help you know how to get started.

You must be aware as you write and design your own resume, that it will be scanned as well as manually read, that’s why it could take long time to make a clear layout, without lines or borders, with large top, bottom, left and right margins, and your name and contact information should be centered at the top of the resume, among other characteristics.

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Assume that the hiring process ends very soon and you have not a resume ready to be sent. And you don’t know how to start, organize your information, design the resume and make it unique; then you need some help, what will be better than having an example, a model to follow and only be worried about filling your information and getting the relevant data according the job requirements, that’s the importance of counting with resume examples.

We have organized this website to help you in your search, you’ll find tailored resume examples for almost any career and job position you can imagine, just come through the website and find the one satisfy your requirements.

Accounting Resume examples


If you are applying to a job related to accounting, then your resume must focus in your abilities in core competency areas of this category, and the education you received, your experiences, and interests.
Administration Resume examples


You won’t need a lot of training and qualification to apply to an administration position at an organization; however, it’s important to portray your work experience rather than academic qualifications or training (if you don’t have many or poor).
Banking Insurance Resume examples


If you’re banking professional, it’s important to highlight your experience and some key qualifications and areas of expertise in banking; find in this section some sample banking resumes.
Creative arts and design Resume examples


You must impress the potential employer with your resume, as a designer/ artist, you should organize the information in the most powerful way, and put yourself in the employer shoes, what would he/she like to find in the resume first? Did you win any award or honor related to arts? It’ll be very helpful to include that information.
Education Resume examples


If you’re interested in education, your resume must show your skills to cause the impression that you’re a good teacher, it’s important to detail your job experience as well as your certification and other abilities such as languages.
Engineering Resume examples


An engineering resume must show your technical abilities in first place, that’s why some experts recommend adding a section exclusive for that information; on other section you should also highlight your accomplishments and training.
Information technology Resume examples


You need to put on your resume all stories of success that could differentiate you from other candidates, so it’s important to consider achievements and unique value propositions. Information technology career requires having up-to-date information and training, so this information is necessary too.
Finance Resume examples


If you’re finance professional, you’ll find many opportunities in different industries; it’s important for an impressive resume to include several sections to make it easier to read and highlight your professional experience especially if it’s related to the sector you’re applying.
Legal Resume examples


Legal support related jobs can include attorneys, paralegal, etc; if you are planning to write your own resume you need to do some research about the company to know their needs and your mission then base in the information you found. Highlight your experience if it’s related to the job you’re
Management Resume examples


As a management professional, you must market yourself well and a great tool is to detail your job experience emphasizing in the contributions you made to the companies as a manager or any other leader.
Media and arts Resume examples


This category and the careers are known for not follow traditional routes so it’s important to use a unconventional resume only if the industry to which you’re applying accept it. Emphasize in your creativity and be prepared if it’s required to send a work sample.
Nursing Resume examples


It’s indispensable to include the necessary information that show the depth of your knowledge and experience; if you have a specialty you must detail it as well as the skills that help you in your labor with patients, their families and you colleagues.
Other Professionals Resume examples


We have included information on other professionals such as tem workers and recent graduates if one of them is your situation then you can use the resume examples we added to our website.
Public Relations Resume examples


If you are in Public relations field, it should be an easy task to write about clients but when it comes about yourself it’s a struggle, we help you to organize your ideas with a resume example so you can take it as a reference. Human resources field is similar, you should highlight your experience in the industry and select the appropriate resume length, which should be concise but filled with accomplishments.
Public Services Resume examples


A public services resume must include relevant information relevant to the industry, your information must be organized quickly, clearly and highlighting your experiences, especially in the field. As a public service professional you should present the information in a convincing way.
Sales Marketing Resume examples


A Sales/Marketing resume must be result-oriented, so if you have any other past job experience you should include also your contribution and achievements; it’s also important to highlight sales abilities, responsibilities, etc. Remember to not include information that could compromise other companies, because there’s information confidential.
Social Work Resume examples


To achieve a new job in social work category, you must use your resume as a tool to express your advocacy for and commitment to your clients, use some of the resume examples we added to inspire yourself.
Sports & Leisure Resume examples


In this category, you must emphasize all physical capabilities and skills, you might need other fields of knowledge such as coaching, training, and physiotherapist, etc; other important information include qualifications, experience and achievements.
Travel Tourism Resume examples


Whether you might be a new graduate or seasoned travel/tourism professional, we have some resume samples to consider when writing your own resume to achieve job interviews opportunities, to any of the companies you are applying such as airlines, hotels, tour operators, etc.


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