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David Warren

1823 Stackhouse Ln. Akron, OH 44301
Home (817) 555-0021
Office (817) 555-9010


To obtain a position as a professor in the sociology department of a well-Known university.

Biggest Achievements

Rhodes Scholar
2006 – 2008

Winner of a scholarship to make a two-year specialization at Oxford University.

Teacher of the year
2007 and 2009

Selected by the student body of the University of Pittsburgh.


Sociology Professor
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

Teach courses as “Intro to Sociology”, “Sociology”, and “Philosophy”.

Assistant Professor
York College, Pittsburgh, PA.

Assist teachers and replace them in classes like “Intro to Sociology” and “Philosophy”.


Master of Philosophy, 2008
Oxford College, Oxford, UK

Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Literature 2002
New York University, NY


“Reason of Violence”
American Journal of Sociology.
June 2010.

“Tourist in your Country”
The Globalization Reader.
August, 2008.

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