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Here’s A Few Of Our Resume Examples

Assistant Teacher
An effective assistant teacher resume goes a long way to getting yourself noticed by potential employers.
If you are teacher certified in a specific area and enjoy these duties, than teaching may be a great career for you!
Team Lead
Interested in an education career? Our team lead resume is a great way to get yourself into this rewarding line of work.
Assistant Director
Our assistant director resume example shows you how to improve your resume and get yourself noticed by schools.

Job Description & Responsibilities

While the term ‘educator’ can include principals, teaching assistants and educational administrators, the term usually simply refers to teachers. Educators generally work in both public and private schools in order to teach children and adults the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in both their future careers and in life. They not only teach students the curriculum, but they also teach them social skills, study skills, and interesting facts that make the learning come alive. EducatorsÂ’ daily duties vary based on the level at which they teach. However, most educators spend a significant amount of time planning lessons, grading papers, meeting with other teachers and teaching in front of a classroom. Educators also administer standardized tests, meet with students to counsel and advise them, and participate in extra activities such as science fairs, back to school nights and spring programs.

Education & Training Required

Educators generally need a college degree in order to teach. Preschool teachers usually need an associate degree, elementary school teachers usually need a bachelorÂ’s degree, and college professions generally need a masterÂ’s degree or doctoral degree. Educators also have to be licensed in the state in which they wish to teach. Becoming licensed generally involves obtaining a degree, passing certifications tests, completing field experiences and student teaching experiences and having a background check done.

Getting Hired as an Educator

Once hired, elementary school teachers earn $53,090 per year on average. Of course, they need to be hired first. The job outlook for educators is favorable, but this does not mean that getting hired as a teacher is easy. Future educators must have an outstanding resume and job experience, and certifications are always beneficial. If you are hoping to be hired as an educator–but you are still working on crafting your resume–be sure to see the example education resume below. This example will help you see how your resume should be formatted and what type of information it should include, though you will want to make sure that your resume has your individual information instead.
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